martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Spanish artist Balu in Concert!!

Dear friend!!

This Friday 10th we have a very special guest in our stage,  Spanish singer Balu,  he has been in so many countries all over the World, Brazil, England, Cuba, Mongolia, China and know he is living in one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, somewhere in the coast of Taitung.

He is passionate for  the Flamenco, when he sings he transforms himself in a gipsy soul,  it is a very special moment, you can feel he has so many stories to tell about his experiences. Balu recently goes to Beijing to record a CD of Flamenco with a famous guitar player.
see and listen here

 Friday night around 20:30 he will be at La Caja de Musica, so welcome everybody to have fun one more time and spend the night until midnight in our Bar.

The people make a reservation for dinner no need pay ticket fee. 250NT for this concert with a beer or soft drink included.

週五的夜晚8點半,他將會在樂盒子西班牙餐廳La Caja de Musica演出!歡迎大家再週五下班後,和我們一起享受美好的音樂,歡度快樂時光直到午夜!

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