martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

December 29th Last show for 2012!!

Dear all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday night in our stage last concert for this 2012 so many things happened, so many bands but  next year we will continue giving more and more.
We want say goodbye to 2012 with some  Flamenco and who do better than La Gitanita ??

This group always bring something new to their performances this time in addition to the usual members, a young and talent violinist, Ting-Yin Liu, will also participate in the performance. To add more creativity and versatility, the very first flamenco song with original lyrics will be debuted. The host of Flamenco Tuesday event at La Caja de Musica, Calixto Li, will also join this show.

In case you don't know who they are La Gitanita is a group of young and passionate flamenco artists in Taiwan, aiming to express the authentic flamenco spirit by studying the very core of flamenco traditions, songs, guitar, dancing, and how to coordinate one with the other.
Founded in early 2011, La Gitanita has been experimenting within the wide range of flamenco. From the most fundamental ancient songs to the modern, fusion arrangements, La Gitanita enjoys providing the audience lots of options to get access to flamenco arts.

Singer: Po-yin Chen, Lu Lee
Guitarist: Ivan Yu, Calixto Li
Clapping: Anastasia Chen
Dancer: Olga Ko
Violinist: Ting-Yin Liu
Special thanks to lyrics composer, Andres Herrera Feligreras

Facebook page:
Po-yin Chen’s blog

 小野狂花(La Gitanita)由一群年輕熱血的佛朗明哥表演者們所組成,從6拍、12拍、5拍、4拍等各種傳統韻律及曲式,到當代創作甚至與不同樂風、不同表演形式的融合,小野狂花希望能在台灣創造出道地卻又不失創意的佛朗明哥表演。

歌手:陳柏因 李律
吉他手:游柏彥 李思懋
特別感謝作詞者Andres Herrera Feligreras


The ticket for this show 250NT with a beer or Soda included!
 Starts around 20H30.

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Dark Eyes Gypsy Jazz at La Caja de Musica Friday 21th



The one and only gypsy jazz band in Taiwan.
Awarded band in 2010 Taichung Jazz Festival.
Ever since the first day of the year 2009, Les Yeux Noirs, as known as Dark Eyes, has been holding many gigs around the town!
Led by guitarist Sylvain Chen, Dark Eyes continues the legacy of gypsy jazz music as the group of enthusiastic members produce an fabulous mix of sounds through the jazz guitar, violin, accordion, percussion, and the double bass.
Special guest is a gypsy jazz guitar master from Canada, Denis Chang.

Dark Eyes 粉絲團

Denis Chang:

Denis Chang是一名來自加拿大的吉他手。受到Django Reinhardr極大的影響,在Denis Chang成長時一直跟在Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer, Rindo Winterstein 和Emmanuel Kassimo這些吉普賽爵士吉他大師身邊。這位年輕的吉他手也很快地受到不同風格音樂的影響,發展出自己的風格。
他曾經與許多萬中選一的 大師合作過例如: James Carter, Mark O’Connor, Andreas Öberg, Stochelo Rosenberg (The Rosenberg Trio), Hono Winterstein (Bireli Lagrene, Dorado Schmitt, Tchavolo Schmitt), Frank Vignola, Yorgui Loeffler, Frank Vignola, Lollo Meier, Stéphane Wrembel, Emmanuel Kassimo, Ritary Gaguenetti, Wawau Adler, Tim Kliphuis, Chriss Campion…等等。
而作為一名吉他老師,他也受到許多的邀約。在2004年以來他在無數的旅行中舉辦了多場的大師班。他的教學DVD在世界各地都非常地成功。在他的客戶中包括了the Shadows, Hank Marvin, 和吉他大師Adrian Vandenberg。
他 同時也是線上音樂學校DC音樂學院(www.dc musicschool.com)的創始人。 在2008年,他有幸受邀與Les Paul在紐約的Iridium一起表演。在2009年,他在魁北克市獲得了 the Entrée en Scène Award by Loto-Quebec and the Résidence Award。
Greatly influenced by the music of Django Reinhardt, guitarist Denis Chang's formative years were spent alongside the greatest Jazz Manouche guitarists such as Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer, Rindo Winterstein and Emmanuel Kassimo to name just these few. This young guitarist quickly developed his own style inspired by various styles of music. Among his biggest influences are Bach, Chopin, George Benson and Michael Jackson.
He has notably produced tours for the cream of the crop such as Stochelo Rosenberg (2009) Lollo Meier (2006,2008), Emmanuel Kassimo (2007), Andreas Oberg (2007), Ritary Gaguenetti (2006), Wawau Adler (2008), Tim Kliphuis (2007, 2008) and Chriss Campion (2006). During these tours, he also often organized workshops which allowed music students to take advantage of the presence of such great musicians.
As a teacher, he is very solicited; being regularly invited to give masterclasses in the context of his numerous tours since 2004. Practically every performing Gypsy Jazz musician in Quebec has benefited from his teaching. He has even attracted private students from as far as California, Vermont, the UK and South Africa!
His instructional DVDs are a success all over the world. Among the clients, are the legendary guitarist of the Shadows, Hank Marvin, and the guitar virtuoso Adrian Vandenberg of Whistesnake fame.
In 2008, he had the honor of being invited to perform with the legendary Les Paul at the Iridium in New York.
In 2009, he received the Entrée en Scène Award by Loto-Quebec and the Résidence Award in Quebec City.

Concert will start Friday 21Th at 20.30h ,Ticket Fee is 250Ntd with a beer or 1 soft drink included.

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Mike Mudd + The Shiznits + Arman Torus farewell @ La Caja De Musica (The Finale)

This is the last of 4 shows to round out my last week in Taiwan.
You will hear a mix of acoustic music and Shiznits songs.

Also we will have Mike Mudd perform some of his kickass songs.
He has been ever so present in my musical time in the last year.
And he is an incredibly entertaiining performer.

My dear friend Nick Brown will be away for Christmas.
To try and fill Nick's big shoes, we will have special Guest Lanny Waugh on the guitar. He is a veteran of the Taipei music scene playing nearly every week in Taipei for the last 30 years!
La Caja de Musica is a wonderful restaurant and you can expect many unplanned jams to happen.
cover charge is 250 nt and includes one drink

vocals/guitar- Arman Torus
vocals/saxophone- D C Rapier
guitar- Lanny Waugh
trumpet- Nicolas Chenuet
hammond organ- Luis Hernando
bass- Sean Su
drums- Daz Booker

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Thursday 13th Navarra trip with Chef German Rodrigo.

This Thursday we have a special menu  introduced by our special guest Chef;

The Spanish Chef German Rodrigo was born in Navarra (Spain) on the 7th of July. If you know about the traditional festival of Spain, you will know this is the day of a big party in San Fermin in the north of Spain. Thousands of people meet for a week long celebration in the streets of Pamplona (a city of Navarra). But this place is not only famous for this festival. We know so well this is a place in Spain where you can eat delicious food and drink great wines, like the famous rose wines of Navarra.
German grew up in a family who owns and operates a restaurant. His grandfather and father taught him the skills of cooking and the taste of good food. His grandmother and mother taught him how to treat and care for the customers. He spent his childhood in the kitchen, watching and helping his family work in the restaurant. These experiences made him understand what are the details necessary to create excellent dishes. This is why he knows so well the best food is cooked from the heart.
He is a friendly person and enjoys meeting his family and friends around a table with good wines and good food. German feels this is the best language  to open the doors to the heart of every person.

German came to Taiwan with his Taiwanese wife in 2011, and decided to stay in Tainan. We were lucky to meet him this year at the "Expo Food Taipei 2012" where he was introducing wines and olive oils from his import company. After we tried them, we decided to add his products to our menu. We cook many of our dishes and tapas with the extra virgin olive oil " La Maja". It really gives great taste and aroma, making the flavors of our dishes richer. Also, this week we will have the wines and liquors he chose personally to import to Taiwan, like "Ochoa", a high quality wine recognized in many countries of the world.

For this Thursday, German R. will prepare a Special Menu where everyone can try the wines and the oils famous from the typical gastronomy of Navarra, as well as some favorite dishes of the Chef.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy his delicious cooking and his friendly company!

You can make reservation by email : taipei.cjm@gmail.com , or by phone:  0920-885-996 / 0975-330-741


2011年海曼與他的台灣老婆決定回台定居台灣台南。我們很幸運的在今年2012年西班牙美食美酒展(Expo Food Taipei 2012)認識了他們。在美食美酒展上他們正在宣傳他們所引進的西班牙拉瑪哈農莊特級冷壓初榨橄欖油。在品嚐過後,樂盒子餐廳決定使用他們頂級的特級冷壓初榨橄欖油用來烹調一些西班牙小吃和餐點,而無庸置疑的,拉瑪哈農莊的橄欖油確實為樂盒子餐廳的餐點增色加分許多,而這星期我們也正式引進他們所獨家代理的西班牙歐丘雅酒莊的頂級葡萄酒和世襲保羅艾斯帕爾薩-拿瓦拉酒莊的利口酒,兩家酒莊都因其酒品的品質與美味而聞名許多國家。