miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

"¡Olé Flamenco!" September 21th Friday Flamenco Night!

Dear all, I think the group for this Friday Night no need to be introduce again, we love them they are our Flamenco treusure in Taiwan, they use to perform in our stage and they will continue coming to bring us everytime something different and creative!!
If you don't know who they are I am glad to introduce you .... La Gitanita(little gypse).

La Gitanita is bringing the heat and passion of flamenco to La Caja de Musica again!

La Gitanita is a local group of flamenco singers, guitarists, dancers and percussionists in Taiwan. With years of learning and studying from workshops all over the world and even self-taught from videos on YouTube, they always strive to reach the very core of flamenco.
In addition to singing, guitar, and dance, this time La Gitanita is going to highlight one of the most ancient and essential elements in flamenco,“palmas,”meaning clapping. It is a way of percussion but using only hands as instruments. “Palmeros,” people who play palmas, need lots of training on flamenco rhythm, grooving, and patterns. The last but not least, strong arm muscles to provide strength and steadiness.
On Friday, 21 Sep, La Gitanita is proud to present 2 palmeros, Weili Hung and Anastasia Chen. Both of them are experienced in flamenco dancing, and recently they’ve been intensively working on palmas to accompany dancers and guitarists with intricate and energetic clapping. Their hard working will definitely bring the show more flavors and make the audience shout out olé more!

Singer: Poyin Chen
Guitarists: Yun-Ping Liu, Ivan Yu
Clapping: Weili Hung, Anastasia Chen
Dancer: Sandra Tsai, Lu Lee

September 21th, Friday Night  around 20h30.The ticket fee is 250NT with one beer or Soda included.
體驗過佛朗明哥用節奏、吟唱與舞蹈堆疊出的神秘魔魅(duende)張力嗎?想試試?你絕對不會想要錯過小野狂花樂舞合作社(La Gitanita)帶來的這個夜晚。小野狂花樂舞合作社(La Gitanita)將再度與佛朗明哥好朋友們演繹出濃烈熱情的佛朗明哥音樂及舞蹈,魅惑你的感官!

小野狂花本月特邀台灣佛界人肉樂器掌門人中赫赫有名的–洪瑋儷、陳雅慧/Anastasia擔綱演出,舞功深厚的兩位均鑽研佛朗明哥多年。洪瑋儷(小野狂花樂舞合作社(La Gitanita)創辦人之一)自大學時期無意間接觸並愛上佛朗明哥後即不間斷的學習著這門令她著迷的藝術,近年來更不遺餘力的藉表演把佛朗明哥引介給更多喜愛樂舞的群眾;陳雅慧/Anastasia自2002年起便多次長期旅居於西班牙師從多位大師級藝術家,透過課堂及演出機會深刻體驗原汁原味的佛朗明哥文化,歷年來累積出豐富舞台資歷。


martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Friday 14th is Pure Flamenco Night !!

Dear all!!

We have the chance and pleasure to introduce two great artists coming directly from Spain, they are here  in Taiwan for few days and they contact us and we think about to have a special show in our little stage.

They already visit the island 2 years ago to make a performance in LEGACY with the famous dancer Zhang Feng Xiang.

Sergio Matesanz (guitar) and Javier Allende (singer) they are in this moment very important figures in the Flamenco scene, young and  talented, these two artist will make you feel the passion and magic of Spain.

Allende is a young singer who has already a long career  he knows a wide range of songs, besides he always surprises the public with some songs in disuse.
His singing is true and wild, very appreciated by enthusiasts.

He uses to be accompanied by the guitarist Sergio Matesanz who was formed between Jerez and Seville.
His guitar playing style is sober and elegant, with aromas ofthe old guitar palyer Jerez de Parrila and the recently deceased
They have performed in many international festivals all around the world.

The concert starts around 21:00 the ticket fee 250NT with a beer or Soda included.

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Roots Rebellion at La Caja Saturday 8th

This Saturday 8th at 20.30 , we will have the pleasure of introduce for third time in our stage , one band full of good feelings ready to gift to you , they really know how to make dance to their audience, the other times they visit us , convert the night in a big party, we are sure this one will be even better! dont miss the chance and have a dancing saturday at our Stage with " Roots Rebellion "

Roots rebellion performs all original reggae songs , many of which were written during studio jam sessions ., The lead voice is Sherwyne Pereira of Trinidad, a charismatic singer who also leads the popular Taichung band Wailin’ Soul. Splenda is also an experienced performer who has toured Asia and the Caribbean for many years.. The band also has a local touch in singer Sunny Smalls, a Tainan native who often performs at Black Reign’s dancehall parties [Taipei] . She shares the vocal duties with Splenda and sings in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Chinese and English.

DRUM : Lion [Jamaica]
BASS : Taili [France]
KEYBOARD Luis [Spain]
GUITAR Emilio Jose Del Pozo [Californie]
葉倖甄: Sunny Small [Taiwan]
VOCAL: sherwyne Splenda [Trinidad]

The concert will Start at 20.30 , Ticket fee 250 Ntd , with 1 beer or 1 soft drink included.