miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Roots Rebellion at La Caja Saturday 8th

This Saturday 8th at 20.30 , we will have the pleasure of introduce for third time in our stage , one band full of good feelings ready to gift to you , they really know how to make dance to their audience, the other times they visit us , convert the night in a big party, we are sure this one will be even better! dont miss the chance and have a dancing saturday at our Stage with " Roots Rebellion "

Roots rebellion performs all original reggae songs , many of which were written during studio jam sessions ., The lead voice is Sherwyne Pereira of Trinidad, a charismatic singer who also leads the popular Taichung band Wailin’ Soul. Splenda is also an experienced performer who has toured Asia and the Caribbean for many years.. The band also has a local touch in singer Sunny Smalls, a Tainan native who often performs at Black Reign’s dancehall parties [Taipei] . She shares the vocal duties with Splenda and sings in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Chinese and English.

DRUM : Lion [Jamaica]
BASS : Taili [France]
KEYBOARD Luis [Spain]
GUITAR Emilio Jose Del Pozo [Californie]
葉倖甄: Sunny Small [Taiwan]
VOCAL: sherwyne Splenda [Trinidad]

The concert will Start at 20.30 , Ticket fee 250 Ntd , with 1 beer or 1 soft drink included.

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