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How to contact with us or make a reservation?

Contact 連絡我們.

 地址: 長安西路138318
電話 : 0920885996 / 0975330741
營業時間  16:00至22:30  禮拜五和禮拜六到晚間12點  禮拜一公休.

La Caja de Musica
Chang An west Rd. 138 Lane, 3 Alley, N18
Tel. 0920885996 / 0975330741
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday16h00 to 22h30
Some weekends until midnight.
We close on Sundays and  Mondays.


因為經常接到大家的來電 詢問怎麼到樂盒子以及確切的地址  所以我決定為大家寫一篇詳細的介紹  有關怎麼到我們的餐廳以及訂位.


我們介於長安西路以及華陰街的中間 在這兩條路上各有一個較大的地標即位在長安西路上的台北當代美術館以及華陰街上的京站廣場.

請看以下的地圖你會看到在餐廳正確的位置上標記了樂盒子的LOGO !!








Hello everybody!!

I decided write this post because I have a lot of callings with people who can't find our Restaurant or don't know very well how to contact with us.

Location and how to come here.
The address is Chang An west Rd 138 lane, 3 alley, N 18.

We are between Chang An West Rd. and Hua Yin Street. In these streets we have two very important places that  everybody in Taipei should know, in Chang An West Rd is located the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Taipei Bus Station (Q Square) in Hua Yin Street.

Take a look to the map you can see our Logo (little key)at the place the restaurant is located.

Sorry the cars cannot enter in to this small alley!!
So if you drive car, ride scooter, motorbike you can park in these two locations MOCA or Q Square.

Taking MRT you can stop at Zhong Shan (red Line) or Taipei Main Station (red, blue lines).
These two station are communicated by the underground Metro Mall, as you can see in the map the exit R2 is very near of our place!

Make a reservation.
You have two options to contact with us and make your reservation or ask for information.

Write email to  and precise:
Date and  time of your reservation.
How many people.
Your name in Chinese or English.
Your cell phone number.

Another way is make a call to Ramses 0920.885.996 or Luis 0975.330.741
You can speak in Chinese(slowly please), English, French or Spanish!!

I hope this post help you people to find the way to come to our Restaurant and enjoy the food, the wines and  the music!!

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