domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

巴西瓦里 Passiwali in Concert!!!

Hello friends!!

After the success of our last guest Alma Itana this Friday 20th we want to invite another fantastic Taiwanese band Chalaw&Passiwali.

They mix Latin music and Aboriginal Taiwan songs with mandarin Pop style. Their members come from different cultures and countries.

If you never listen to this band before you are missing something!!

This Friday 20th at 20h00 ticket fee 200NT
(The people who  reserve for diner no need pay ticket fee)

 Ramses, one of the owners of La Caja de Musica is Passiwali's guitar player from his first steps in Taiwan when he met Chalaw, the leader of the band, in one show three years ago.

Since that day too much concerts and good things had happened, play on Spring Scream, Ho Hai Yan Festival even they get  Golden Melody Awards(金曲獎) last year with their last album Old old Car!!

More information about Passiwali:

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