viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2013

Jazzy Walker , bring a surprise to you! on Wednesday 8th!

This time , Jazzy Walker is comming with surprise! 
A new member join the band, miss Apple ( Esther Li )  and this comming 8th January 2014  will debut at our stage, if you dont see them before, i strongly recomend dont miss this concert.
Permit me a little introduction of Jazzy Walker:

There are four guys in this band,who all love Jazz very much,that is why band called "Jazz Walker" We try our best to use our instruments playing great great music for all audience on the stage Our band's style not only play Jazz , we also play some Latin and Funky music We really hope all audience can have a wonderful time with us,and feel relax after our show We are "Jazz Walker" Staff : Piano on 勝學 Bass on 小宇 Guitar on 阿元 Drum on 小馬
Esther Li (pianist) graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2012 with a Bachelor degree of music in Jazz Performance. After graduating, she performed at various places and Jazz clubs in Perth, notably "the Ellington Jazz Club" and "the Laneway lounge". She recently performed in a all-ladies band "NEKA", which is dedicated to playing modern jazz tunes. Her current favourite jazz pianist is the Jazz prodigy Beka Gochiashivili and her influences also include: Hiromi Uehara, Keith Jarret and Herbie Hancock.

The concert will start at 20.30 , ticket fee is 250NTD with a beer or soda included.

爵士鋼琴手 Esther Apple 要來台灣玩了 她不但是我好朋友同時也是很棒的音樂家 我們決定邀請他與幾個好朋友一同辦一場充滿刺激又精彩的演出 你(妳)不來就太可惜了~~~~~~~~~~

在2012年畢業於澳洲的西澳音樂学院 ”the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)“, 并且獲得了Bachelor degree of music in Jazz Performance。畢業後,她参與許多不同的樂團也在不同的地方演出, 例如 西澳著名的爵士場所 "the Ellington Jazz Club" and "the Laneway lounge"。 最後一次的演出是和一個完全由女生组成的四重奏 “NEKA”, 而NEKA 的音樂方向屬於modern Jazz。 她最近最欣賞的鋼琴手是音樂神童 Beka Gochiashivili,其他對她有重大影響的音樂家也包括 : Hiromi Uehara, Keith Jarret and Herbie Hancock.

domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

The number winner of the Gourmet product Xmas basket is...

Hello friends! and here is the number winner of the Lottery in Spain the 62.246, here can see the link to the news to can check and the number winner of our Xmas Basket Lottery is: 0246

Thanks to all who participate, and thank you to all our collaborators! in this week we will contact the winner to give your big prize!

One more time, thank you friends for share this moments of joy with us, Merry Xmas 2013 to all!!!!

With many love :
   The Staff of La Caja de Musica

jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Saturday Night Live music with WHITE iLLion TONGUE!!

Dear all:

After our good vacation in Spain we come back and we re-open our stage with some Rock!!

Saturday night we introduce you a band produced and formed by a group of experienced musicians and vocalist .
The musical style comes to Cheerful American ROCK & FUSION. They rearrange a large number of masterpieces in music using flexible techniques , and present it on stage with rich sound and physically imposing visual style and entertaining feel through musical fluency ,while on the stage each member revealing a strong sense of presence & energy.
In addition to their charisma they also have a good interaction with the audience . 


The Concert start at 21:00, ticket fee 250NTD with a beer or soda included.

martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Xmas Basket Lottery of La Caja de Musica

Dear friends Merry Christmas to you all!!

This Xmas we organize a lottery with a big prize, a Basket full of Gourmet Spanish Products here you can read  a little bit more information .... 

This year we decide make a traditional lotery like we do in Spain, with a little money  you can get a big gift, and what we choose is a basket full of gourmet products and wines , inside can find things like Manchego cheese, Chorizo Iberico, Olive Oil extra virgin , Cava, Red wine, Rosse wine, Brewery crafted beer, ... and little by little this list is growing because our sponsors and La Caja de Musica will add more products to make more and more special this already special prize.

This is a perfect gift to do  to your friends or family totally unspected and original, you can gift hope to your friends and family, wishing the best to them, and the day 22th we will know who is the winner!

We make this event with all the love of our hearts , to share a little bit part of the good things of our tradition,even our supliers join to share  and help in this idea to become true , like you can see in the photo ;)

How this lottery works:

We make a limited number of receipts for make more easy to win the prize, just 1000 tickets , so be the winer is easy with just a little  bit of luck. You can buy all the tickets if you want, the ticket only costs 100NTD. Starting next week you can get a ticket for free everytime you spend more than 2000NTD in our restaurant.

When you will know who is the winner?

December 22th  is the Christmas Lottery in Spain.
The winner will be the one who holds the ticket with the same termination that the number awarded the first prize of the Christmas lottery this year in Spain.

For example, if the winning number is 21563  we will give the prize to the person who owns the number 0563.

Here is some of the products this basket include:
 Esparragus, Piquillo Pepers, Olives variety,Tuna ventresca,Marine salt , Garlics marinated...

Manchego Cheese, Chorizo Iberico.

and the list of products is growing day by day, dont miss the chance to got it!!! just 100 nt for this big prize!

Well, soon more information, don't stop to check this post!!! ... oh here is a photo of the basket!

 Special thanks to the people who help to make this wonderfull basket true:







miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Winter break Vacations!

Dear friends :

La Caja de Musica will be close for a couple of weeks, from November 19th to December 5th.

As usual we go back to Spain  once a year to see our  old friends and family, also to bring new ideas in our minds and new products in our baggage.

If you want make a reservation is possible, during the vacations we continue checking  our email and FaceBook.

After this little pause we will come back full of energie and ready to celebrate  with you this Christmas 2013 here in Taiwan.
Luis, Ramses and all the team of La Caja de Musica want to thank you for your understanding. 

See you soon!

lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Tricolor Tree Leaf at La Caja de Musica ,Saturday 16th

Created by Megan Dooley, Kaitlin Burns and Magali Brun-Okroglic; these three foreign females spanning Britain, the USA, and France have formed to bring you a fusion of French and English songwriting with weaving harmonies, captivating melodies, and instrumental experiments. Combining their different cultural backgrounds and musical influences, they create a fresh melodic indie/folk sound that stays with you well beyond the final notes. The group have a new member, Max Pizzini, who will be bringing driving beats and rhythmical percussion to the mix.

The Concert start at 20.30 , ticket fee 250NTD with a beer or soda Included , Can join the event here

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

¨The Vicious Cabaret¨ in live, Saturday 2th at La Caja de Musica

After long time listening the songs and seeing videos , we was really expecting they come to visit us and make a gig in our Stage, finally we have the chance to see them in live!!!! in Taipei!!!!! really , no miss this band,and even this time we have the pleasure and honor to enjoy  the blues of Conor and David, Concert 100% recomended !!!!

The Vicious Cabaret
The Vicious Cabaret is a modern folk band comprised of guitarist/singer Andy Goode, singer/multi-instrumentalist Mojo & saxophone/cajon player Mike Farris.

來自加拿大的Mojo,是一位相當有天份的音樂表演者,演奏多種樂器,擁有純熟的歌唱技巧,以及大量的詞曲創作能力。Mojo在其家鄉安大略省的渥太華 市,長期和當地創作型音樂家們一起合作,在各種場合演奏音樂。與加拿大樂團-The Boys of Bytown合作發行了一張雙語專輯(英法),名稱為:Portages。到台灣之後,她保持繼續詞曲創作,也嘗試與不同的音樂家合作。目前,主要與樂手 Andy Goode 一起進行民謠二重唱的音樂創作。在台灣,Andy所屬的二個重搖滾樂團 -The DoLittles Peaks,頗具有相當的知名度。 Andy擁有吉他憑藉著自彈自唱的功力烙下了堅強實力,並巧妙的與現代英式民謠作一個結合。來自美國亞利桑那州的Mike是本樂團的薩克斯風家和木箱鼓手,在2000年從亞裏桑那北方大學音樂演奏畢業,因而精於多種音樂風格。除了薩克斯和木箱鼓以外,Mike 有時也會演奏長笛,電貝司和吉他。 Mojo, AndyMike三個人組成了: The Vicious Cabaret,合力創作了混民謠和爵士樂曲風的音樂,廣泛地使用不同樂器:吉他,烏克麗麗,手風琴,單簧管,木琴, 薩克斯風, 和木箱鼓
Band description:
Mojo is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Canada. She has collaborated in various ensembles and with other singer-songwriters in her hometown, Ottawa, Ontario. With the members of the Boys of Bytown in Canada, she released a first bilingual album, Portages. Now living in Taiwan, she continues to write songs and accompany other musicians. She is currently focusing on her collaboration in a new and invigorating folk trio with Andy Goode & Mike Farris. Although he's better known as the hard-rocking front man for Taiwan bands The DoLittles and Peaks, Andy is an accomplished acoustic guitarist with a solid grounding in modern English folk music and arrangement. A graduate of the Northern Arizona University School of Music, Mike is a classically-trained saxophone player proficient in a number of musical styles.  Aside from the sax, he also plays a mean flute, electric bass, acoustic guitar and cajon.  Mojo, Andy & Mike's new musical project incorporates folk and jazz influences and utilizes a wide variety of instruments including guitar, ukelele, accordion, clarinet, xylophone, sax and cajon.
Nick Drake, Beth Gibbons, John Martyn, Laura Marling, Beirut, Boys of Bytown, Joni Mitchell, Patrick Watson, Andrew Bird, La rue Kétanou, Joanna Newson, My Brightest Diamond, Torngat, Man Man, Alela Diane, Lera Lynn, Claude Munson & the Storm Outside, etc.

Concert begin at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 NTD with a beer or soda included.

lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Andy Schaub at La Caja stage , this Sat 5th

This Saturday we have so special visit, Like was promised, Andy Schaub  is back , Swiss Songwriter and Singer, visit Taiwan again hoping is not the last one! and La Caja de Musica is so honored to receive him, If you assist to his first concert here, you know already this saturday will not miss the chance to see and listen him again! melt your heart with Andy Schaub.

"Always Meet Twice"
Behind "Always Meet Twice" is a boy, who puts all his passion into his music. his name is Andy Schaub. Born on 18th March 1991 and grew up in a small village called Zunzgen. Surrounded by endless green hills, flowering fields and dense, mysterious forests, he lived out his childhood. With so many inspirations and role models, he started to play guitar and piano. With his voice, he gave the songs a unique character. Very early, Andy discovered his love for music. But first with the age of 15, it became a passion when he left his former band to go his own way. So, he began to play concerts, to let his creativity free rein and discovered a whole new side of music. The result is a mix of delicate, dreamy and still vibrant melodies with lyrical, soulful lyrics. At song writing the daily routine falls into oblivion for him, and only noted on a paper black on white. There are moments in which the most deeply hidden dreams, hopes and feelings, in form of tunes and stories, true, and be expressed. Basing on the wisdom "You always meet twice" A new chapter began in his life .....

If u want see and  listen a bit before the day
 come check the video below;)

The Concert will start at 20.30  u can got the tiket (250 Ntd) at door,  or pre-buy in La Caja de Musica during the week , with a beer or soft drink included.

Join the Event here

martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Ellery , Songs for a Friday Night 20th

Ellery是一位來自美國的歌手,他的音樂是自彈自唱的,英文和中文歌他都唱。住在台灣一年了,Ellery在這一年之在各個台北咖啡廳和酒吧演出過,包括女巫店,Revolver, 無問題,和藝術村咖啡廳。

Ellery is an American singer-songwriter currently living and working in Taipei. His music is acoustic/folk with songs in English and Chinese. He has been in Taiwan for over one year and has performed in various venues throughout the city including Witch House, Revolver, Bobwundaye and TAV Cafe.

Concert will start at 20.30 , ticket fee 250 NTD with a beer or soda included.
Can join this event in here!

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Erika Morant, Spanish Guitar& Latin Voice!

Dear all, this Saturday 31th we say goodbye to this month  with a special artist who  lives in Shanghai but is visiting Taiwan and she wants to make little show in our stage, welcome to....

Erika Morant  is a South  American musician from Medellin, Colombia. She got the Bachelor Degree in Musical Education with Emphasis in Classical Guitar at University of Antioquia. In 2011 she was accepted by Shanghai Conservatory of Music as Master’s Degree student in the program of Orchestra Conducting. She began to study guitar at the age of seven in her native city, then began to study music theory at the Fine Arts Institute of Medellin and in 2001 began her professional studies as a musician.

Erika not only is a real master of the Spanish Guitar, she also can sing many different songs from the different styles of South American countries like Bossa Nova, Boleros,Son ...

                                       CLICK HERE TO JOIN THIS EVENT. 
Saturday night you will have the chance to listen to this unique show starting at 20:30, ticket fee 250NT with a beer or soda included.

lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

“Nice to meet you Spain!” 很高興認識你!西班牙

Dear friends if you are planning a travel to Spain or you want to know how it could be living there for a while, you should not miss this Wednesday night event in La Caja de Musica come and listen to the experience of a Taiwanese girl in my country, Spain.

Starting at 20h00 to 21h00 we want to introduce you a very interesting book and her author.
The book is “Nice to meetyou Spain!” (很高興認識你!西班牙) and the 
writer Chu-li Chen(陳姝里).

She will talk about her life in Spain and also show us pictures and I am sure with a lot of funny stories. At the end of the conference you can buy the book with discount price and the chance to have special dedication or signature of the author on your book.

This event is free no need ticket fee!


domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Bella Elektra² Friday 30th at La Caja de Musica

Bella Elektra² is a musical experience that digs deeper into the vocals and keys of its parent group Bella Elektra. This US-born, Hong Kong-based electroacoustic duo invites its audience to explore its original songs and unique takes on some of their favorite pieces. They have an indie soul and are influenced by Trip-Hop, Classic R&B and diverse artists including Bonobo, Jamiroquai, Aloe Blacc, Bastille and Björk. Members of Bella Elektra² have been featured at Clockenflap, the HK Jazz Festival and the Hai Yang Music Festival as well as playing a diversity of venues in the United States, Malaysia, Taiwan and mainland China. They have shared the stage with The White Eyes, Alex Lam, Aga, and The Bollands. 

The concert will start at 20.30  ticket fee 250nt with a beer or soda included


lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Jazzy Walker, August Saturday 10th at La Caja de Musica

This Saturday 10th we receive for second time to Jazzy Walker, Their first concert in our place was a blast, So, i can totally sure recomend this concert!, and about this handsome and talentous friends.... here a little introduction.

There are four guys in this band,who all love Jazz very much,that is why band called "Jazz Walker" We try our best to use our instruments playing great great music for all audience on the stage Our band's style not only play Jazz , we also play some Latin and Funky music We really hope all audience can have a wonderful time with us,and feel relax after our show We are "Jazz Walker" Staff : Piano on 勝學 Bass on 小宇 Guitar on 阿元 Drum on 小馬

Concert will begin at 20.30h  , ticket fee is 250 ntd with a beer or soda included.

miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

In August arrives.... our Crazy Happy Hour's!!

Dear all:

La Caja de Musica found a radical solution to combat this hot summer in Taipei! In this August maybe most of your friends have already go out of Taiwan for holidays and you still here, working , with no plans after a hard day? and suffering this hot weather, isnt' it? Don't worry  and come to take a refreshing break All you can drink!!!!! Crazy Happy Hour's!!!.


別擔心,來樂盒子喘口氣,清涼又消暑讓您無限暢飲(all you can drink),趕快加入我們的夏日快樂時光吧!

Welcome to La Caja de Musica fromTuesday to Thursday  20:00 to 22:00 . How much it cost? just 500NT  and you could drink many fresh cocktails; Cubalibre, Gin Tonic, Whisky Coke, Sangria...or
if u are more of beer.... all you can drink draft beer!!!!. Say good bye to the hot and really enjoy the summer!.

Today we will start, so don't need to wait more!!! we have all prepared for you, and now you can escape from the routine!.

Even can make reservation :0920 885 996 

歡迎來到樂盒子 週二~週四 20:00-22:00

訂位專線: 0920-885-996 若森

During the Crazy Happy Hour ,its not possible have drinks for 2 or more people with the same ticket, the ticket its personal and non transferible.The direction keeps all the rights. Remember dont drive under alcohol effects , drink under your responsability, cant join this promotion people under 18 years old.


貼心小提醒:未滿十八歲請勿飲酒 , 喝酒不開車.

lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

July 13th Saturday Flamenco Night with Camaron de la Vega.

Dear all we continue offering very interesting shows in our little stage this Saturday we have the pleasure to introduce you ....

Camaron De La Vega is a guitarist,concert performer and composer he has played guitar for more than 20 years gathering broad experience in all styles leading him to specialise in Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz.
He has performed concerts all over the world and has recorded 2 albums of his own music. In Australia his group ‘The Gypsy Swingers’ headlined the Ozmanouche Festival for 3 consecutive years.

This plus countless touring dates across the globe has kept Camaron busy for the past 15 years. In 2007 he lived in Spain and immersed himself in the Gypsy atmosphere there, performing concerts and jamming with friends in Sevilla, Cordoba and Jerez. 
He was also based in Barcelona where he performed concerts to much acclaim. During
2004 he studied guitar in renowned Flamenco academy Taller Flamenco in
Sevilla, and spent time in Granada learning from famous local guitarists. He
then moved to England where he performed private concerts at Henley on
Thames, and in London, Edinburgh, Paris and at Montreaux Jazz Festival

So now you know your Saturday's Night plan!! Experience high energy acoustic music as Camaron combines the old songs of Andalucia with the modern sounds of Flamenco to tell the story of southern Spain through his guitar.

Camaron’s experience culminates in his original compositions that will take
your breath away and make you marvel at his virtuosic performance.
Combined with an extensive repertoire in Flamenco, Jazz and World Music,
Camaron performs an eclectic mix of both relaxing and exciting music. 

Enjoy Camaron’s performance as he both thrills and sooths with his unique sound.
The Concert will Start at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 with a beer or soda included. Want join the event in our facebook, click here

domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

"7654 project Jazz" July 6th at La Caja de Musica stage

 Dear friends,
This weekend we have the chance to enjoy in La Caja one band of Jazz so peculiar, im not saying this because is formed by 5 beautifull ladies, the reason is about their style, they come  from Classic music and opening their minds into the freedom of Jazz music, im really specting this Saturday to listen them,  dont miss it , because will be even a farewell party of miss Hsinwei Chiang (江忻薇) , violin player in the band, who will stay out of the beautifull island for a while.
7654 project






What kind of chemical reaction will happen while classical instruments bump
into traditional jazz rhythm section?
7654 project is an experiment of several jazz genres with unusual combination.
Come swing and groove with us, and take care of the unpredictable explosion!

Clarinet: Popo Lin (林明萱)
Violin: Hsinwei Chiang (江忻薇)
Piano: I-Wen Chou (周意紋)
Double Bass: Rei Wang (王睿)
Drum: Doris Lin (林冠良)

Concert will Start at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 with a beer or soda included. Want join the event in our facebook, push here

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Program for this Friday June 21st!!

Dear All:

Almost ready for this Party day never see before!Three places close to each other at the same time offering different music, DJ"s Live Bands and small artisan market!! Come on!

La Caja de Musica 樂盒子

Chang An west rd lane 138 alley 5 number 18

16:00 DJ Antonio and Jorge Dj Cola. Latin Music.Animation of the street close to our BBQ!

18:00 Folkloric street parade!

Animation with hand drums to make the people participate of this "noisy "day.


21:00 La Cumbia Balkanska. Balkan Music and Cumbia with ska. Crazy!!

Poffertjes Cafe荷蘭小鬆餅

Chang An west rd lane 52 number 18 close to Taipei Main station exit R2 (MOCA).

16:00 Dj Zulu, Funky grooves with the sax player Oliver from Alma Itana pure live music.


18:00 Jamaican Sound system with Black Reign, Island Jam, O brothaz. shake your butty!!


21:00 Funky Brothers in unplugged show!!

Café La Bohème 波希米亞人咖啡館

Chang An west rd lane 78, B1

16:00 David Chen&鍾玉鳳 Chung Yufeng. Blues guitars and Chinese Pipa a fantastic afternoon show!

17:00 Latin America piano Bar with Lito Gonzales and Monica Duran Sanchez.

Lito has been in Taiwan for more than 20 years is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist. In this occasiom will play classical Latin American tunes and Monica, founder of Latinheart Shows and Events, will sing some Mexican Rancheras, and romantic songs in Spanish!....

18:00 Fresh Kao  playing guitar  he will play some English tunes. 

20:30 Good evening to  open mic stage, starting with a
Taiwanese song writer
Eunice Peng 方恩沁(vocal) and  Zheng Fan Zhu 鄭凡竺 (guitar) also we have invited to so many artist who played already in La Caja and will play in this little cafe this day.

ALL Activities needs finish before midnight because this area is a small neighborhood and we want respect them.

So please try to stay in the bars during the concerts and if you go out for smoke or take a rest please talk softly and try no disturb. If not the POLICE will come. Thanks everybody and get ready for Friday.