lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Andy Schaub at La Caja stage , this Sat 5th

This Saturday we have so special visit, Like was promised, Andy Schaub  is back , Swiss Songwriter and Singer, visit Taiwan again hoping is not the last one! and La Caja de Musica is so honored to receive him, If you assist to his first concert here, you know already this saturday will not miss the chance to see and listen him again! melt your heart with Andy Schaub.

"Always Meet Twice"
Behind "Always Meet Twice" is a boy, who puts all his passion into his music. his name is Andy Schaub. Born on 18th March 1991 and grew up in a small village called Zunzgen. Surrounded by endless green hills, flowering fields and dense, mysterious forests, he lived out his childhood. With so many inspirations and role models, he started to play guitar and piano. With his voice, he gave the songs a unique character. Very early, Andy discovered his love for music. But first with the age of 15, it became a passion when he left his former band to go his own way. So, he began to play concerts, to let his creativity free rein and discovered a whole new side of music. The result is a mix of delicate, dreamy and still vibrant melodies with lyrical, soulful lyrics. At song writing the daily routine falls into oblivion for him, and only noted on a paper black on white. There are moments in which the most deeply hidden dreams, hopes and feelings, in form of tunes and stories, true, and be expressed. Basing on the wisdom "You always meet twice" A new chapter began in his life .....

If u want see and  listen a bit before the day
 come check the video below;)

The Concert will start at 20.30  u can got the tiket (250 Ntd) at door,  or pre-buy in La Caja de Musica during the week , with a beer or soft drink included.

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