martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Ellery , Songs for a Friday Night 20th

Ellery是一位來自美國的歌手,他的音樂是自彈自唱的,英文和中文歌他都唱。住在台灣一年了,Ellery在這一年之在各個台北咖啡廳和酒吧演出過,包括女巫店,Revolver, 無問題,和藝術村咖啡廳。

Ellery is an American singer-songwriter currently living and working in Taipei. His music is acoustic/folk with songs in English and Chinese. He has been in Taiwan for over one year and has performed in various venues throughout the city including Witch House, Revolver, Bobwundaye and TAV Cafe.

Concert will start at 20.30 , ticket fee 250 NTD with a beer or soda included.
Can join this event in here!

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