sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Little brake before May!!

Dear all, thank you very much for these days in April, we enjoy a lot everyday!
Now we need some days to take a rest and recover energies for next Month.

From April 29th to May 3th we will be closed for a little brake.

Reservations as usual telephone numbers or email!!

Sorry for disturbing your plans!!

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

"Musa's Trio"@ La Caja, In Concert Saturday 28th

We finish April , and no have better way than drinking good wine, eating good food in good company and even enjoy of one of the best bands in this beautifull island, Musa's Trio come to our "La Caja Stage" one more time, we are especting their performance from the last time the band visit our place.

Musa's Trio is the perfect cocktail of Styles like jazz,tango,rock,latin,blues... energy and deep feelings combined smoothly make this trio a explosive mix for your soul.

                                               Martin Musaubach : Piano and keyboards

               Adriano Moreira :
 Drums , percussion ,beatvox, and berimbao

                                                   Luka Lautaro Bellucca :
         Bass , Double Bass

The concert will start at 20.30 and the ticket prize is 250 Ntd with one beer or soft drink included.

Can see some moments of their performance in HERE  or in studio session just click here

 Musas Trio:
The band was officially born in 2010 as the backing group of the chinese jazz singer Ms. Bin Bin who asked Mr. Musaubach to recruit the best musicians he knows for the First International Jazz Festival of Shenzhen. As their friendship goes back a lot of time, and they were all in the same city, Martin asked Adriano Moreira and Lautaro "Luka"  Bellucca to join him in preparing for the show. Once they had started rehearsing there was no going back. They all gave up the different bands that they were working with and set up to Beijing to pursue the joy of making music together.
Currently they are the house band at the Shangri-La Summit Wing Hotel in Guo Mao, Chaoyang Area, the most important and famous hotel in Beijing. Besides their work, they manage to do also a lot of performances in as many bars and music shops as possible all over the city.

Another of their abilities is to be a flawless recording trio, and a big proof of this is the upcoming jazz album of the famous Gary Chaw, where they show their most sensitive and soft side to support this incredibly talented singer and performer in making his first english album.

domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Friday & Saturday Flamenco Weekend!!

Dear friends! April is not only a rainy boring month!!

This weekend we have our own "Feria de Abril 2012"(Seville April Fair), two days of Flamenco music, Sevillanas dance and good mood for everyone.

If you have any  Flamenco clothes please wear it and you will have some Tapas and Sangria for free!! Make this weekend more interesting and feel like in Spain!!

La Gitanita (little Gipsy girl) flamenco band will come again to show you how to dance Sevillanas and  they introduce you two great and fantastic guitar players to make two different shows.

On Friday  20th April La Gitanita brings flavors from Spain with one special guest, the flamenco guitar player 李思懋 Calixto Lee.
Calixto began his flamenco journey with Wei-RenChuang’s teaching. Then he moved to Spain and lived in Granada and Sevilla for7 years. 7 years of intensive training and immersion gave him a solid foundation as a professional flamenco guitarist.
Now as a full-time musician and teacher of flamenco guitar and rhythm, Calixto has been workingwith all the major flamenco singers and dancers in Taiwan and also several maestros from Spain.

啟蒙於佛朗明哥吉他名師莊維仁,後旅居西班牙七年,在賽維亞著名的佛朗明哥學校Fundaciónde Christina Heeren學習並擔任助教,並曾多次與當地樂手及舞者合作。教學及表演經驗豐富,現致力於佛朗明哥藝術推廣。

On Saturday 21th April  we have a different show with a new vision of Flamenco, special guest
劉雲平 Yun-Ping Liu
Yun-Ping Liu is a flamenco guitarist but also embraces Jazz, Blues, and all kinds of musics.
As a guitarist of versatility, he plays jazz in bands like Maja M and Taipei Youth Jazz Orchestra, flamenco for dance companies like Semilla Flamenco Company, Beta Flamenco Company, La Gitanita, and pop with singer, Iris Lin.

The ticket fee for the concert is 250NT with a beer or soft drink included. Show will start around 20h30.  

lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

王小愚&魚窩樂團 in concert at La Caja de Musica, April 13th (friday)

Hello Dear friends!

We continue with the concerts ,this friday 13th we dont want a horror movie,
we prefer a sweet performance in the underground Stage of La Caja , so special band , they been performance last year in our place and we really enjoy their music, thats why we invite them to come again and share their songs to have a perfect weekend start!!! 

Fish and the fishtank (王小愚&魚窩樂團) is a folk band,if u are interested in listen a bit about them you can check in here

The concert will start at 20.30 and the ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soft drink included



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