martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Nick Brown ,18 Strings and one Voice, Saturday 25th May

This Saturday in La Caja de Musica we have the pleasure to receive in our stage one artist so special for us, a person who transmit good energy everywhere, i meet him first time in a jam, and after i had the pleasure of share stage with him in¨ The Shiznits¨,¨allways is so fun a good play with him¨(L.M.).

Nick Brown , borned in Ipswich England, is a great composer and singer, his deep voice will transport you to the deeper feelings in your mind and heart.

He plays a blend of original songs and distinctively reworked covers on 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars. Pop, rock, funk, folk, blues, reggae and more. Guaranteed no metal, no Bieber.

 During the concert Nick Brown will introduce some special guest , dont miss this chance to escape from the rainy days and give u a peacefull weekend.

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Concert will start at 21.00 , ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

The Bollads , folk for 24th Friday night at La Caja de Musica

Based in Hong Kong, this folk duo have been foot-stomping their way through the world. From Taiwanese pizza rooftops, through the dirty streets of India to international music festivals, The Bollands are on a mission to play everywhere for everyone.
Joyce (piano & percussion) and Christian (guitar) come from pretty different backgrounds. Joyce hails from Malaysia and moved to New Zealand when she was a wee lass. She was bombarded with music, studying the classics and sitting numerous exams. Christian, however, spent his early years in a house truck traveling New Zealand with a bunch of dirty singing hippies. It is this mash of backgrounds which makes The Bollands sound.
They play hearty folk songs about the twists and turns of life. Their aim in life is to get everyone stomping and singing.
Since moving to Hong Kong, The Bollands have been super busy releasing their new album, playing at music festivals, jamming live on numerous radio and television shows, playing gigs with amazing musicians and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

here a some online songs, 
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Concert will start at 21.00   ticket fee 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Winking Owl, Saturday 18th at La Caja de Musica

Winking Owl is an eclectic brand of indie-folk. Engaging melodies and sincere lyrics drive the bus. Currently based in Taiwan; Winking Owl is the pet project of reclusive, bitter, and often paranoid singer/songwriter Marc Spahn. Assembled in December of 2012, Winking Owl is currently recording their self titled debut album with good friend and incredibly talented producer/engineer Alexander John Ives at SoundKiss studios.

The concert will start at 20.30   ticket fee 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

Vibration , Musa duo with special guest Fabio Moreira, Friday 17th

About The Show :

Vibration. The flow of energy vibrating
from the unknown to the instrument, making the air vibrate and
through this moving air to your ears, making you vibrate (and
hopefully dance a little bit) :-)
This Friday Musa and Gao Fei will be jamming at La Caja De Música
some of their original tunes, covers and much more.
As a special guest Fabio Moreira will be joining on Guitar.


About The Duo :
This duo is based entirely out of the
profound brotherhood that binds both musicians and it was
formed out of the need from Adriano and Martin to get 'back to
basics', to enjoy the simple sound of the instruments letting
the flow of the music be both the goal and the way.
Mainly the songs are original pieces
with a heavy accent on rhythm from different parts of the
world, relying also on the vamp -repetition of chord
progressions- to generate a different state of mind during the
performance where the improvisation appears as the natural
development of the themes played.  


Adriano "Gao Fei"  Moreira (26) is an
extremely talented and versatile drummer and percussionist
from the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He started to play at the age of 4 years
old and he is completely self-taught. He studied mostly by
listening great drummers, being his biggest influence the style
of  Mr. Dennis Chambers and Mr. Buddy Rich both also selftaught musicians.
Currently Adriano is developing an
International Career as the Drummer, Percussionist and
Arranger for different mainstream artists of the Mando-Popscene. He currently live in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Martin -Musa- Musaubach
Martin Musaubach (30) was born in the
city of La Plata a small place south of Buenos Aires in 1982
From a young age, he's been a selftaught musician. His experience is mainly as a live performer,
starting to earn a living as a musician since the age of 13. At
20 he had the chance to study at the Berklee College of Music
(Argentinean Branch), with a half-scholarship for 2 years.
As from 2007 he has been working in
China and Taiwan as a band leader, pianist, composer and
arranger for various mainstream artists of diverse musicalstyles. He has composed music for plays, short films and
dance performances, receiving various awards for his work. He currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan.


The Show start at 20.30 , ticket fee  250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.


domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Megan Dooley , May 11th Saturday

Megan Dooley is an accomplished modern folk singer songwriter.
Originally from England, Megan is quickly making a name for herself in Taiwan with her clear voice and nuanced guitar work and has managed to impress crowds at venues all around the island. Rachel McPhail will provide harmony vocals (and a cheeky little bit of instrumentation).Artist review from Shawn David Sonnenberg - owner of Titty Tea Cafe in Hsinchu:-
"With her beautiful voice and skillful guitar technique, Megan is a performer not to be missed! Accompanied by Rachel McPhail on vocals, the skill in which these two artist harmonize can only be described as breathtakingly sublime." -Titty Tea, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

來自英國的Megan Dooley, 是一位造詣很高的現代民歌歌手
她清澈的嗓音及精湛的吉他表演很快地就在台灣打響了名聲. Magan Dooley 希望能盡自己的力量設法到全台各地演唱,吸引更多喜歡她的粉絲! Rachel McPhail 則是提供和聲及一點小樂器的伴奏
Megan 的演藝天份是大家不容許錯過的,尤其是搭配Rachel McPhail 的合聲之後,這兩個人所呈現出來的表演,只能用嘆為觀止形容-Titty Tea Cafe 的老闆 ShMawn David Sonnenberg

The Concert will Start at 20.30 ,  ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

May Hwen beyond pop and rock, May 10th at La Caja de Musica

May Hwen is a half-Taiwanese, half-American artist from Nashville TN,
a town that is also known as Music City, USA. In the past year, she
has just finished recording her first two full length albums, set for
a dual album release in Taiwan, and kicking off at Spring Scream 2013.
"Everyone keeps telling me that people in Taiwan will love my music,
and it's been a life-long goal of mine to move out here for an
extended stay. I'm here to give my music to Taiwan and spend a
whole lot of time with my family. It's my favorite place in the
whole world." Hwen has had multiple on-camera national appearances,
including principal roles in a national Toyota commercial and a Diet
Coke commercial featuring Taylor Swift, and she also has a speaking
role as the Bluebird Cafe Emcee in the pilot episode of ABC's
"Nashville" series.

Strait Push is the aggressive half of the dual debut album release
from May Hwen, alongside the more downtempo side of the release, Under
Control. Named after the Taiwan Strait, Strait Push is explosive rock
'n roll, each song definitive with imaginative character-play and
stories of independence, struggle, redemption, and love.

Under Control is the sonically chill yet lyrically riveting project
from May Hwen's dual Taiwanese album release of 2013. The album is
dedicated to her late grandfather, American actor and U.S. Army Lt.
Colonel during a time of war. Hwen grapples with dark subject matter
in a fierce military fashion, yet without negative anger, and with
great pain yet without despair.

May Hwen has cracked the elusive DNA code of rock & roll. Not an easy
task in this day and age. Picking up where Boss Hog, the Yeah Yeah
Yeahs and the Dead Weather left off, her sexy songs and racy riffs
will have you on your knees, quivering for more. They say the other
secret of rock & roll is to always leave them wanting more, well, we
definitely want much more!”
—Josh Bernstein, Royal Flush Magazine

"Her lyrics pour onto the paper as emotionally charged stories, more
imaginative and fictional than auto-biographical. Her stage
performance is like fine wine, integrating tasteful sensuality with
soulful songs, aged with rock and a hint of jazz. The songs of May are
all original, with a clear structural design and coherently powerful
words that linger in the memory long after the show. The range of her
musical expression matches those of a woman,  from dark to bright,
soft to hard, yet being held together by one definitive sound."
--Bryan Thomas, Noomizo Magazine

Nashville Pilot $2.99 USD (May appears in the final scene, 5 minutes
before the end of the episode)

May Hwen - Get One music video:

May Hwen - Bag of Arrows live at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville TN:
The Concert will Start at 20.30 ,  ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.