domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

The Bollads , folk for 24th Friday night at La Caja de Musica

Based in Hong Kong, this folk duo have been foot-stomping their way through the world. From Taiwanese pizza rooftops, through the dirty streets of India to international music festivals, The Bollands are on a mission to play everywhere for everyone.
Joyce (piano & percussion) and Christian (guitar) come from pretty different backgrounds. Joyce hails from Malaysia and moved to New Zealand when she was a wee lass. She was bombarded with music, studying the classics and sitting numerous exams. Christian, however, spent his early years in a house truck traveling New Zealand with a bunch of dirty singing hippies. It is this mash of backgrounds which makes The Bollands sound.
They play hearty folk songs about the twists and turns of life. Their aim in life is to get everyone stomping and singing.
Since moving to Hong Kong, The Bollands have been super busy releasing their new album, playing at music festivals, jamming live on numerous radio and television shows, playing gigs with amazing musicians and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

here a some online songs, 
Join the event here :)
Concert will start at 21.00   ticket fee 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

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