martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Dear friends , this friday we will performance with our band Alma Itana...

We will performance with our band in another place, so we will not have performance in our place this friday, Sorry for that, but we invite you to join us in Revolver , at 9.30  PM. saturday we will reward you!!!
Anyway the restaurant will be open till that hour, dont worry your food will be ready like allways ;)

See you soon friends!!

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Waka "Tabla" & Yo"Sitar" India Music Night!!

India music lover's you are so lucky!! this Friday June 24th La Caja de Musica presents one special concert,  Waka and Yo they are the reference of India music in Taiwan, they have developed a big career here making a lot  of performances around the island.
Waka Yo 印度音樂聯盟
TablaWAKA (若池敏弘)迄今演奏印度 Tabla鼓已有二十年經驗。自1987年開始學習塔布拉鼓 -- 演出經驗豐富--曾參與多位活躍於歐美的音樂創作者之跨界作品演出。於印度及日本舉辦過無數的個人演奏會--受邀於印度、孟加拉、日本、台灣、泰国、韓 國、加拿大等國際音樂藝術節演出。近年受邀來台演奏--活躍於國內樂壇--並擔任國立台南藝術大學印度音樂工作坊導師及台湾塔布拉鼓愛好會會長。
日籍樂手,2004年進入印度加爾各答Visva-Bharati大學音樂系,主修北印度古典西塔琴演奏。自2005 年起,開始在印度各地演奏,廣受好評。 2006年受邀來台演奏,於台灣大學、交通大學、台北教育大學講習印度音樂,並巡迴於印度、泰國、孟加拉、日本、韓國...等亜州全土演出。 全台湾最専業的西塔琴演奏家。 一起分享美麗的西塔琴音色!

This Friday around 20:00 come here to enjoy the music and have one spiritual and harmonious night with the magic sound of the Sitar and the rhythms of Tabla.....
Ticket fee 200NT included beer or soft drink, like always the people come for diner not need pay ticket fee!

"Picturing" in Taipei, Nae Takarada photo exhibition

This week we have the pleasure and the honor to receive from Japan this great artist in our place.

Nae Takarada , the  photographer, show us the world we live in, reflexed in paper and developed in
traditional way by herself making the complete process to dont loose in the process any detail of the esence of this old art .

She is the eyes of the hope in this uncertain days.

"These photos were taking in my life which is still continuing this moment.
it's my life in japan, the disaster areas and taiwan."  Nae Takarada.

The exposition runing from the day 21th  to 24 th of June. Dont let another people tell you , see it by yourself!.

Nae Takarada
Born in 1981 in Tokyo. During of the time in the university, started to travel around
the world alone. Majored in the history of art.
After graduation, once worked at the biggest Japanese travel agency.
But quitting the stable job and went to photography art school to search for the expresstion of “the life”.
from 2009, worked as photographer, especially shooting music lives, fashion and landscape and people.
for her artworks, always theme is “life” itself, including happiness, sadness, grief, love,
affection, instinct, and aesthetics of life.
(1 week after the earthquake 3.11, went to the disaster places for a week and continue
reporting what’s going on there.)

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Spanish artist Balu in Concert!!

Dear friend!!

This Friday 10th we have a very special guest in our stage,  Spanish singer Balu,  he has been in so many countries all over the World, Brazil, England, Cuba, Mongolia, China and know he is living in one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, somewhere in the coast of Taitung.

He is passionate for  the Flamenco, when he sings he transforms himself in a gipsy soul,  it is a very special moment, you can feel he has so many stories to tell about his experiences. Balu recently goes to Beijing to record a CD of Flamenco with a famous guitar player.
see and listen here

 Friday night around 20:30 he will be at La Caja de Musica, so welcome everybody to have fun one more time and spend the night until midnight in our Bar.

The people make a reservation for dinner no need pay ticket fee. 250NT for this concert with a beer or soft drink included.

他著迷於佛朗明哥,當他唱著歌時,他擁有吉普賽的靈魂。這將會是一個非常特別的時刻,聽他唱著歌,你可以感受到他用歌聲訴說故事,與我們分享他的經歷。近期Balu正於北京與知名吉他手錄製佛朗明哥專輯  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFuqIrinIdg
週五的夜晚8點半,他將會在樂盒子西班牙餐廳La Caja de Musica演出!歡迎大家再週五下班後,和我們一起享受美好的音樂,歡度快樂時光直到午夜!

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

放客兄弟 Funky Brothers and Dj Zulu !!! This Friday 10th!!

Dear friends!

This Friday night around 20:30 we want to invite you all to a crazy, funky party night in our place, we have a real amazing band and awesome Dj !!

They introduce themselves like:
Funky Brothers!!You could control your body but you can't control your mind. A band who not only makes you keep grooving but touch your  heart deep inside.

Funky Brothers(放客兄弟)-你可以控制住你的身體,但控制不住你的心!一個不只給你無法自主的律動,還要給你無法忘記感動的樂團.

成軍兩年,將 70~80年代具有FUNKY精神的各種音樂類型融入其創作風格當中,從Funk/Disco/Blues到Nu-Jazz/Acid-jazz/R&B/Reggae/Swing…放客兄弟的音樂創作永遠充滿groove(律動) 從感性到激昂.Funky Brothers用熱情令人想舞動的音符和節奏,表達對人群,對世界,對自我對情感,對你對我的思維.
Started in 2008, mixed the elements of 70s~80s music into their music. Including Funk, Disco, Blues, Acid-jazz, R&B, Reggae, Swing…Funky Brothers always surprised people.when you see them play,you cannot only hear the exciting sound but also see the spirit with funky style. They wanna express the feeling about this world、crowd、space、people around them,even themselves with the rhythmic notes. From sexy to flaming,their stage power are unlimit.Funky Brothers has a magic,they always makes people feel like into a wild forest,we don’t have to care about popular vison or social rule.When you are here with Funky Brothers,you are the nature. Realease your body,just follow the groove!!

Before and after the concert we can enjoy grooving with Dj Zulu!!!!  :
With a professional career dating back to 1999 in his home town of Barcelona, where he founded the Timeless Club in 2002 and created the Soulful Essence Project. DJ Zulu's recent activity is focused in Taiwan (Taipei) There he strives to make it funky anywhere there is good taste and a crowd looking to burn up their dancing shoes.

As a vintage collector, he spins latin jazz, boogaloo, deep funk, soul, brazilian, afro funk and disco. On his contemporary facet, he offers deep, garage, soulful & latin house, as well as electro & broken beats.

The basic concept of his sets are the Timeless & Positive Grooves

The ticket fee for this concert is 250NT included one beer or soda. The people who come first to have  dinner no need pay the ticket fee. And one more thing !! If you dress in a Funky style you will got an extra beer for free!!!! so......Let's get party this Friday night!!


viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

This saturday Ramses and Luis have a concert out of Taipei.....

Dear Friends , tomorrow saturday 4 th of June we will be close , we have a concert out of Taipei , but we will open in Sunday! sorry for the inconvenience.
Anyway our telephones will be available to attend your dinner reservations for next days .
Our phones :   0920 885 996    and  975 330 741
 Thanks dear friends for your patience!

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

June 2011Taipei Food台北國際食品展!

賀!! 樂盒子受邀參加Taipei Food台北國際食品展《西班牙國家館》

LuisRamses很開心和大家分享一個好消息:我們將受邀參加Food Taipei 國際食品展《西班牙國家館》歡迎大家屆時親身來體驗西班牙的各種傳統美食風味!

時間:2011622 - 25  12:00 - 14:00

西班牙商務辦事處 (CCE) 及西班牙拉曼恰大區對外貿易協會 (IPEX)主辦的西班牙國家館將於2011622日至625日在世貿南港館舉辦的台北國際食品展當中呈現

西班牙國家館佔地126平方公尺,「西班牙美食美酒」(由西班牙對外貿易發展局所創,用於推廣西班牙葡萄酒及食品活動) 準備了豐富且鮮美的西班牙美食,將在西班牙國家館展出,除了橄欖、乳酪、罐裝蔬果、罐裝魚類、香草、甜點、巧克力之外,還有廣為人知的橄欖油及葡萄酒。

為了將西班牙的優質產品介紹給台灣民眾,西班牙國家館將邀請樂盒子主廚現場示範道地開胃菜 (tapas)。廚藝表演僅在622日及25日的12:0014:00舉行,歡迎有興趣的各界人士前來西班牙國家館,親身體驗西班牙的美食風味。