lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

放客兄弟 Funky Brothers and Dj Zulu !!! This Friday 10th!!

Dear friends!

This Friday night around 20:30 we want to invite you all to a crazy, funky party night in our place, we have a real amazing band and awesome Dj !!

They introduce themselves like:
Funky Brothers!!You could control your body but you can't control your mind. A band who not only makes you keep grooving but touch your  heart deep inside.

Funky Brothers(放客兄弟)-你可以控制住你的身體,但控制不住你的心!一個不只給你無法自主的律動,還要給你無法忘記感動的樂團.

成軍兩年,將 70~80年代具有FUNKY精神的各種音樂類型融入其創作風格當中,從Funk/Disco/Blues到Nu-Jazz/Acid-jazz/R&B/Reggae/Swing…放客兄弟的音樂創作永遠充滿groove(律動) 從感性到激昂.Funky Brothers用熱情令人想舞動的音符和節奏,表達對人群,對世界,對自我對情感,對你對我的思維.
Started in 2008, mixed the elements of 70s~80s music into their music. Including Funk, Disco, Blues, Acid-jazz, R&B, Reggae, Swing…Funky Brothers always surprised people.when you see them play,you cannot only hear the exciting sound but also see the spirit with funky style. They wanna express the feeling about this world、crowd、space、people around them,even themselves with the rhythmic notes. From sexy to flaming,their stage power are unlimit.Funky Brothers has a magic,they always makes people feel like into a wild forest,we don’t have to care about popular vison or social rule.When you are here with Funky Brothers,you are the nature. Realease your body,just follow the groove!!

Before and after the concert we can enjoy grooving with Dj Zulu!!!!  :
With a professional career dating back to 1999 in his home town of Barcelona, where he founded the Timeless Club in 2002 and created the Soulful Essence Project. DJ Zulu's recent activity is focused in Taiwan (Taipei) There he strives to make it funky anywhere there is good taste and a crowd looking to burn up their dancing shoes.

As a vintage collector, he spins latin jazz, boogaloo, deep funk, soul, brazilian, afro funk and disco. On his contemporary facet, he offers deep, garage, soulful & latin house, as well as electro & broken beats.

The basic concept of his sets are the Timeless & Positive Grooves

The ticket fee for this concert is 250NT included one beer or soda. The people who come first to have  dinner no need pay the ticket fee. And one more thing !! If you dress in a Funky style you will got an extra beer for free!!!! so......Let's get party this Friday night!!

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