domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

"Picturing" in Taipei, Nae Takarada photo exhibition

This week we have the pleasure and the honor to receive from Japan this great artist in our place.

Nae Takarada , the  photographer, show us the world we live in, reflexed in paper and developed in
traditional way by herself making the complete process to dont loose in the process any detail of the esence of this old art .

She is the eyes of the hope in this uncertain days.

"These photos were taking in my life which is still continuing this moment.
it's my life in japan, the disaster areas and taiwan."  Nae Takarada.

The exposition runing from the day 21th  to 24 th of June. Dont let another people tell you , see it by yourself!.

Nae Takarada
Born in 1981 in Tokyo. During of the time in the university, started to travel around
the world alone. Majored in the history of art.
After graduation, once worked at the biggest Japanese travel agency.
But quitting the stable job and went to photography art school to search for the expresstion of “the life”.
from 2009, worked as photographer, especially shooting music lives, fashion and landscape and people.
for her artworks, always theme is “life” itself, including happiness, sadness, grief, love,
affection, instinct, and aesthetics of life.
(1 week after the earthquake 3.11, went to the disaster places for a week and continue
reporting what’s going on there.)

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