domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Megan Dooley , May 11th Saturday

Megan Dooley is an accomplished modern folk singer songwriter.
Originally from England, Megan is quickly making a name for herself in Taiwan with her clear voice and nuanced guitar work and has managed to impress crowds at venues all around the island. Rachel McPhail will provide harmony vocals (and a cheeky little bit of instrumentation).Artist review from Shawn David Sonnenberg - owner of Titty Tea Cafe in Hsinchu:-
"With her beautiful voice and skillful guitar technique, Megan is a performer not to be missed! Accompanied by Rachel McPhail on vocals, the skill in which these two artist harmonize can only be described as breathtakingly sublime." -Titty Tea, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

來自英國的Megan Dooley, 是一位造詣很高的現代民歌歌手
她清澈的嗓音及精湛的吉他表演很快地就在台灣打響了名聲. Magan Dooley 希望能盡自己的力量設法到全台各地演唱,吸引更多喜歡她的粉絲! Rachel McPhail 則是提供和聲及一點小樂器的伴奏
Megan 的演藝天份是大家不容許錯過的,尤其是搭配Rachel McPhail 的合聲之後,這兩個人所呈現出來的表演,只能用嘆為觀止形容-Titty Tea Cafe 的老闆 ShMawn David Sonnenberg

The Concert will Start at 20.30 ,  ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.

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