lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Vibration , Musa duo with special guest Fabio Moreira, Friday 17th

About The Show :

Vibration. The flow of energy vibrating
from the unknown to the instrument, making the air vibrate and
through this moving air to your ears, making you vibrate (and
hopefully dance a little bit) :-)
This Friday Musa and Gao Fei will be jamming at La Caja De Música
some of their original tunes, covers and much more.
As a special guest Fabio Moreira will be joining on Guitar.


About The Duo :
This duo is based entirely out of the
profound brotherhood that binds both musicians and it was
formed out of the need from Adriano and Martin to get 'back to
basics', to enjoy the simple sound of the instruments letting
the flow of the music be both the goal and the way.
Mainly the songs are original pieces
with a heavy accent on rhythm from different parts of the
world, relying also on the vamp -repetition of chord
progressions- to generate a different state of mind during the
performance where the improvisation appears as the natural
development of the themes played.  


Adriano "Gao Fei"  Moreira (26) is an
extremely talented and versatile drummer and percussionist
from the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He started to play at the age of 4 years
old and he is completely self-taught. He studied mostly by
listening great drummers, being his biggest influence the style
of  Mr. Dennis Chambers and Mr. Buddy Rich both also selftaught musicians.
Currently Adriano is developing an
International Career as the Drummer, Percussionist and
Arranger for different mainstream artists of the Mando-Popscene. He currently live in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Martin -Musa- Musaubach
Martin Musaubach (30) was born in the
city of La Plata a small place south of Buenos Aires in 1982
From a young age, he's been a selftaught musician. His experience is mainly as a live performer,
starting to earn a living as a musician since the age of 13. At
20 he had the chance to study at the Berklee College of Music
(Argentinean Branch), with a half-scholarship for 2 years.
As from 2007 he has been working in
China and Taiwan as a band leader, pianist, composer and
arranger for various mainstream artists of diverse musicalstyles. He has composed music for plays, short films and
dance performances, receiving various awards for his work. He currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan.


The Show start at 20.30 , ticket fee  250 Ntd with a beer or soda included.


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