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Xmas Basket Lottery of La Caja de Musica

Dear friends Merry Christmas to you all!!

This Xmas we organize a lottery with a big prize, a Basket full of Gourmet Spanish Products here you can read  a little bit more information .... 

This year we decide make a traditional lotery like we do in Spain, with a little money  you can get a big gift, and what we choose is a basket full of gourmet products and wines , inside can find things like Manchego cheese, Chorizo Iberico, Olive Oil extra virgin , Cava, Red wine, Rosse wine, Brewery crafted beer, ... and little by little this list is growing because our sponsors and La Caja de Musica will add more products to make more and more special this already special prize.

This is a perfect gift to do  to your friends or family totally unspected and original, you can gift hope to your friends and family, wishing the best to them, and the day 22th we will know who is the winner!

We make this event with all the love of our hearts , to share a little bit part of the good things of our tradition,even our supliers join to share  and help in this idea to become true , like you can see in the photo ;)

How this lottery works:

We make a limited number of receipts for make more easy to win the prize, just 1000 tickets , so be the winer is easy with just a little  bit of luck. You can buy all the tickets if you want, the ticket only costs 100NTD. Starting next week you can get a ticket for free everytime you spend more than 2000NTD in our restaurant.

When you will know who is the winner?

December 22th  is the Christmas Lottery in Spain.
The winner will be the one who holds the ticket with the same termination that the number awarded the first prize of the Christmas lottery this year in Spain.

For example, if the winning number is 21563  we will give the prize to the person who owns the number 0563.

Here is some of the products this basket include:
 Esparragus, Piquillo Pepers, Olives variety,Tuna ventresca,Marine salt , Garlics marinated...

Manchego Cheese, Chorizo Iberico.

and the list of products is growing day by day, dont miss the chance to got it!!! just 100 nt for this big prize!

Well, soon more information, don't stop to check this post!!! ... oh here is a photo of the basket!

 Special thanks to the people who help to make this wonderfull basket true:







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