domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

"7654 project Jazz" July 6th at La Caja de Musica stage

 Dear friends,
This weekend we have the chance to enjoy in La Caja one band of Jazz so peculiar, im not saying this because is formed by 5 beautifull ladies, the reason is about their style, they come  from Classic music and opening their minds into the freedom of Jazz music, im really specting this Saturday to listen them,  dont miss it , because will be even a farewell party of miss Hsinwei Chiang (江忻薇) , violin player in the band, who will stay out of the beautifull island for a while.
7654 project






What kind of chemical reaction will happen while classical instruments bump
into traditional jazz rhythm section?
7654 project is an experiment of several jazz genres with unusual combination.
Come swing and groove with us, and take care of the unpredictable explosion!

Clarinet: Popo Lin (林明萱)
Violin: Hsinwei Chiang (江忻薇)
Piano: I-Wen Chou (周意紋)
Double Bass: Rei Wang (王睿)
Drum: Doris Lin (林冠良)

Concert will Start at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 with a beer or soda included. Want join the event in our facebook, push here

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