jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Friday 14th BlueBloodedBruder at la Caja de Musica Stage

藍血人是個個性活潑外向、曲風多元並希望能帶給聽眾歡樂律動及新鮮風格音樂的創作樂團。在歌曲的表達中,我們希望能將平常生活中所觀察的大小感動以新的語言模式、不同於以往流行音樂的編曲邏輯在輕快節奏中用音樂貼近人群,帶動更多喜歡音樂的人關上電腦、開房門、在藍天白雲中一起感受音樂,舞動熱情。 安安--鐘奕安。 藍血吉他手+憂鬱青年
鬼鬼--郭逸萱。 藍血打擊手+精神人物
Yeah--許雅捷。 藍血唱歌手+文書處理
茵茵--殷茵。     藍血貝斯手+西塔靈魂

It’s all about the fleeting moments. Imagine being surrounded in a blue atmosphere. Music should be fun. It’s in you and me and everywhere.
Rooted in classical music, we tried what we can to create chemistry. It's all about the moments we create togeth
er, once in a every single song,
Blue and nostalgic.
We sing the blues.
We are blue.
Sooo blue, soul cool.
Our Sullen Guitarist: Ian
Our Spiritual Percussionist: Ghost
Our Singer/Songwriter: Yeah
Our Bassist Sitasoul: Yin

Concert will start at 21.00  , ticket fee 250 wiht a beer or soda included. 
Join the event here :) 

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