martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Friday 14th is Pure Flamenco Night !!

Dear all!!

We have the chance and pleasure to introduce two great artists coming directly from Spain, they are here  in Taiwan for few days and they contact us and we think about to have a special show in our little stage.

They already visit the island 2 years ago to make a performance in LEGACY with the famous dancer Zhang Feng Xiang.

Sergio Matesanz (guitar) and Javier Allende (singer) they are in this moment very important figures in the Flamenco scene, young and  talented, these two artist will make you feel the passion and magic of Spain.

Allende is a young singer who has already a long career  he knows a wide range of songs, besides he always surprises the public with some songs in disuse.
His singing is true and wild, very appreciated by enthusiasts.

He uses to be accompanied by the guitarist Sergio Matesanz who was formed between Jerez and Seville.
His guitar playing style is sober and elegant, with aromas ofthe old guitar palyer Jerez de Parrila and the recently deceased
They have performed in many international festivals all around the world.

The concert starts around 21:00 the ticket fee 250NT with a beer or Soda included.

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