martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

December 29th Last show for 2012!!

Dear all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday night in our stage last concert for this 2012 so many things happened, so many bands but  next year we will continue giving more and more.
We want say goodbye to 2012 with some  Flamenco and who do better than La Gitanita ??

This group always bring something new to their performances this time in addition to the usual members, a young and talent violinist, Ting-Yin Liu, will also participate in the performance. To add more creativity and versatility, the very first flamenco song with original lyrics will be debuted. The host of Flamenco Tuesday event at La Caja de Musica, Calixto Li, will also join this show.

In case you don't know who they are La Gitanita is a group of young and passionate flamenco artists in Taiwan, aiming to express the authentic flamenco spirit by studying the very core of flamenco traditions, songs, guitar, dancing, and how to coordinate one with the other.
Founded in early 2011, La Gitanita has been experimenting within the wide range of flamenco. From the most fundamental ancient songs to the modern, fusion arrangements, La Gitanita enjoys providing the audience lots of options to get access to flamenco arts.

Singer: Po-yin Chen, Lu Lee
Guitarist: Ivan Yu, Calixto Li
Clapping: Anastasia Chen
Dancer: Olga Ko
Violinist: Ting-Yin Liu
Special thanks to lyrics composer, Andres Herrera Feligreras

Facebook page:
Po-yin Chen’s blog

 小野狂花(La Gitanita)由一群年輕熱血的佛朗明哥表演者們所組成,從6拍、12拍、5拍、4拍等各種傳統韻律及曲式,到當代創作甚至與不同樂風、不同表演形式的融合,小野狂花希望能在台灣創造出道地卻又不失創意的佛朗明哥表演。

歌手:陳柏因 李律
吉他手:游柏彥 李思懋
特別感謝作詞者Andres Herrera Feligreras


The ticket for this show 250NT with a beer or Soda included!
 Starts around 20H30.

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