viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Winter break from January 14th to January27th.

Dear all, I want to share this important information!

This month we will take two weeks for holidays. After two years without visit Spain, that means no see the family and friends, I decide to come back home  in this very important moment in my life. As some of you already know I became father for first time three months ago, so you can imagine the eagerness of my mom and dad to know in person my little daughter.

Anyway next month February we will make La Caja de Musica's  2nd anniversary  and during  these two weeks in Spain I will buy some good ingredients, wines, look for new tapas and dishes and the most important I will come back full of energy !!

Thanks for your understanding and remember we close from January 14th to 27th.
Opening day after holidays Tuesday January 29th. 


二月份我們即將慶祝樂盒子La Caja de Musica兩周年,我們也會從西班牙帶回許多新鮮食材、酒類、還有新的Tapas菜色,最重要的是我們度假後會帶著滿滿的能量回來迎接大家!


Announcement for companies!! 對公司行號的特別服務!!
Chinese New Year is so near and our restaurant is ready to celebrate with you the popular  dinners before the vacations (Wei-Ya).
If you want to make something new this year you can try Spanish food and drinks, hurry up talk to your boss, partners . In La Caja de Musica we are able to accommodate parties of 25 to 40 people. Please reserve from now by email 

Let us know your budget and number of people and we will give our advise to prepare a good party!


趕快告訴你們老闆和同事吧! 我們可以容納25-40人左右的Party,請透過email 讓我們知道你們的預算和人數,我們會提供你們建議,讓你們度過一個難忘的聚餐時光! 

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