jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

January 5th Saturday Night!!! Cumbia Balkanska!!

 Dear all Happy New Year!! 2013 is here let's start the season of little concerts in our stage with something big!! This band is getting famous in Taipei come and listen to La Cumbia Balkanska!!

 Meet by chance in Taiwan, Nicolas (France), Fao (Colombia) and Marco (Serbia) created La Cumbia Balkanska in 2012, to put some fire grooves to Taipei music scene. Mixing traditional Balkan and Cumbia (Colombia) Music, creating a special atmosphere that makes the audience dance and dream. Carol (Guatemala) and Pierre (France), Klaus Bru (Germany) complete the band; full power live music that will make vibrate every cell in your body.

La Cumbia Balkanska是成立於2012的新樂團。

Marko (guitar, vocals), Nicolas (Trumpet), Fao (percussion), Carol (Bass), Pierre (Drums), Alicia (Shakers) Klaus Bru (Germany)

The concert will start at 20H30 , ticket fee 250NT, with a beer or soft drink included.

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