domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Nick Javier Trio ,Saturday 23th at La Caja de Musica

Saturday 23th you have the opportunity to enjoy  a great Jazz Band :  Nick Javier Trio

Nick Javier爵士三重奏是由Nick Javier(長號), 柯遵毓Jack Ko(爵士鼓)和徐崇育Vincent Hsu(低音大提琴)所組成。他們不僅僅是爵士音樂家,他們不僅是著名的爵士樂手也是爵士團體的領導人。

The Nick Javier Trio is comprised of three of the most prominent and exciting band leaders/musicians in Taiwan. The group is led by trombonist, Nick Javier, a native of Michigan, and a graduate of Michigan State University and the Royal Conservatoire in the Netherlands. Javier’s musical activities in Taiwan have included sharing the stage in The National Hall with Albert “Tootie” Heath, Antonio Hart, and Michael Phillip Mossman. In 2011, Javier recorded an album with the Taipei Jazz Orchestra, and in the 2010 Taichung Jazz Festival, Javier was a member of the Taiwan All-Stars, led by Stacey Wei.

Bassist Vincent Hsu is originally from Changhua, and is a graduate of The City College of the City University of New York, studying under Cecil Mcbee, John Schaeffer, and John Patitucci to name a few. Currently, Vincent is one of the most in-demand bassists in Taiwan, and leads the group, Soy la Ley, the premiere Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble of Taiwan.

The very talented multi-instrumentalist Jack Ko holds the drum chair in the trio, and is a native of Taichung. Jack is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where he’s developed his current style that is heavily influenced by gospel, hip hop, and “old school” rock. Jack currently leads the only funk-based big band in Taiwan, the Killer 3000 Orchestra. You can also see Jack in the Taiwanese pop group, Sadon and the Fader, where he plays bass. 

 The concert will start at 20:30 h Saturday 23th , ticket fee 250Ntd with one beer or soda included.

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