martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

When some one ask me , what is La Caja de Musica? 每當有人問我,什麼是La Caja de Musica樂盒子?

La Caja de Musica is:

Traditional home made food ; cooked with the original recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, you can feel  the time of preparation, the fresh ingredients the love and passion in each bite.

Is Spanish Tapas bar ; a place were can meet your friends to enjoy a good talking  at same time taste the wines with D.O  from Spain with many kind of tapas and rations , or just make a stop in your hard working day to drink a cold beer!
一個典型的西班牙Tapas bar;一個我們與朋友一起相聚,並同時品嘗來自西班牙有著D.O加冕的好酒,以及種類繁多的西班牙Tapas及菜餚的地方;或是一個辛苦工作後,可以享受一杯冰涼啤酒的好去處。

Is a Live music stage; a place were can enjoy a concert  , or if you are musician , share your art , jamming or   performance. a warm place where can feel the music in the air......

Is a exposition gallery, photography , plastic arts ....  where old and new artist show their works,storys , the way to see and live the world and their experiences.

La Caja de Musica is a place to have fun, to relax your mind,make you  feel like in home,chat with your friends, think, read, eat, relax , enjoy, dance,learn, teach, or whatever you can imagine, all can be inside this box,  the music box!!!!

La Caja de Musica樂盒子是一個享受歡樂、放鬆心情、讓你感覺到家一般自在、或與好友閒聊小聚、思考、閱讀、享受美食、跳舞、學習、教學


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