martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Aashti SilkRoad Ensemble Oriental Music Night!!

Dear Friends of La Caja de Musica this  Friday night September 30th  we want  invite you to a great concert!!

Aashti members come from Macedonia and  Taiwan they play around the island since 2008.
His music mix different cultures and styles.Traditional folk music from the Balkan peninsula but most of their songs are from Macedonia.

Four members form this band Alex (plays "tambura", traditional string instrument from Macedonia), Angel (vocal), Janelle (violin and keyboards) and Laoma (drums from Middle East and Turkey).

This Friday Night around 20h30, ticket fee 250NT with one beer or soft drink included.

The people get reservation for dinner first no need pay ticket fee.

Hope see you there and enjoy this magical night with Aasthi!! they will make you travel to another time and place!

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