lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Beni Mshnze, Island jazz from Okinawa, Saturday 14th Feb,

This Saturday we have a wonderfull visit from Okinawa, Beni Mshnze , amazing musicians performing a fusion of jazz and island sounds.Just after the dinner time, in our stage you can fill your heart of wonderfull vibes.

Beni Mshnze
Creating music for music lovers, keeping music real and sharp!! special compositions by Bushman Masui.
Straight from backyard of okinawa island, this is the true island jazz sound.if you are music lover, Just come and see it for your self and witness the modern roots sound of Beni Mshnze.
> Bushman Masui-Alto sax
> Kazu-Trumpet
> Yoshiro-Guitar
> Naoto Grandcabin-Bass
> Ryota Yamaguchi-Drums

The concert doors open at 20.30, ticket fee 300Nt with beer or soda included.Join the event here

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