domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

The Honest Selfies, Saturday 7th@La Caja de Musica

 Comming Saturday we have the pleasure of receive this Trio, simplely great music without parafernalia, direct to your heart. permit a brief introduction...

The Honest Selfies

The Honest Selfies has existed since last Wednesday, when we made up the name, but 7-string guitarist Anders and vocalist Peresang have been playing in clubs, bars and restaurants together since the autumn of 2012. Recently added guitarist/vocalist/ percussionist Yumi joined the action about 6 months ago.

 Peresang and Yumi are both from the musically talented Rukai tribe of south- eastern Taiwan. They have been playing music and sung since before they could walk. Anders is from Sweden and has played the guitar for a long time, and switched to a 7-string about 5 years ago.
The repertoire is about 50% jazz standards, expertly sung by Peresang accompanied by the funky and swinging chord melodies of Anders, often with rhythm guitar or percussion by the incredibly talented Yumi. The other 50% of the songs are an eclectic mix of pop, rock, soul, folk and Gypsy styles, often equally expertly sung and played by Yumi.
The Honest Selfies’ songs are characterized by strong melodies and rhythms, no matter if it’s a 1930’s swing style Benny Goodman number, a 70’s disco tune or even a Chinese folk song. 

Concert Start at 20.30 , ticket fee just 250 with a beer or soda included .

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