lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Friday Folk Night!!!

Dear all:

This Friday 13th is not for Horror movie is time  for a charming Folk night with two different duets

The String Bean Party - 四季豆黨  and Kare& I.

The String Bean Party - 四季豆黨 is Jared Rust & Serena Engel

The String Bean Party takes a platform of old-time musical traditions by harmonizing, picking, strumming, and plucking a mix of folk, bluegrass, country-western, ragtime and early jazz & blues . Party members include Jared Rust on guitar, ukulele, and vocals, and Serena Engel on cello and vocals.

Karen and I

Mojo is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Canada. Having set foot in Taiwan, she continues to write songs and accompany other musicians, such as the Muddy Basin Ramblers and The Vicious Cabaret. She is currently digging up the sounds of old time on resonator guitar with her inspiring friend Karen. Known for her claw hammer banjo chops, Karen has had a passion for music from very young - she was trained classically on various instruments since age 5. She discovered the banjo 2 years ago and along with it, a love of old time and bluegrass music. Karen and Mojo's collaboration bring you a delightful taste of an American musical tradition!

The show will starts around 20h30 please join the event here.

Waiting for Friday watch this little video

Ticket fee: 250NT (with a beer or soda included)

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