domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Winking Owl @ La Caja de Musica, Saturday 8th

Hello friends, after the chinese new year come the concerts again , this Saturday 8th at 20.30 
we have the pleasure to receive in our new stage to our friends of Winking Owl.

Winking Owl is an eclectic brand of indie-folk. Engaging melodies and sincere lyrics drive the bus. Currently based in Taiwan; Winking Owl is the pet project of reclusive, bitter, and often paranoid singer/songwriter
          Marc Spahn.

Assembled in December of 2012, Winking Owl has also launched their self titled debut album with good friend and incredibly talented producer/engineer, Alexander John Ives at SoundKiss studios.

Concert will start at 20.30 ticket fee 250NTD with a beer or soda included.  can join the event here 

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