lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

Sunday Cumbia Latin Party!!!!

Dear All:

Yes you are reading well this Sunday February 16th La Caja de Musica is open for a special event!! Latin music concert in our stage La Cumbia del SOL will be here to make you dance until the last minute of your weekend ....

This band  started in 2012 as "La Cumbia Balkanska", but after a year the band broke up, and thus the formation of "The Cumbia From The Sun". For those who didn't know Cumbia is part of the traditional music from Colombia, now very famous all around the World.

Europe, South and North America know about this music before but now in Asia is getting popular too. So this guys are bringing this new hot grooves to this part of Asia. But they don't play Cumbia in the traditional way, they Mix it with deep Reggae shots, and Balkan jumps. Each member of the band bring its own flavor. La Cumbia del Sol will make you dance and smile .

我們在台北相遇,決定一起玩音樂。 2012年我們組成了"La Cumbia Balkanska",但一年後這個樂團解散了。 此後,我們以“從太陽來的Cumbia“,繼續前進。 Cumbia是一種來自哥倫比亞的傳統音樂,目前在歐美(甚至日本)十分受到歡迎因此,我們想將這股火熱的律動帶進這座位於亞洲充滿熱情的島嶼,台灣。 我們所玩的音樂不只是傳統的Cumbia-- 除了將它與沈緩的Reggae及跳躍的Balkan結合之外,也注入了來自世界各地的團員們各自的風格。 我們想讓你開心的跳舞!

 Special for the Latin dancers  remember this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY  at 19h30 you have a meeting in La Caja de Musica.

Ticket fee for this event 250NT with a drink included!! Join the party here.

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