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Saturday May 4th La Gitanita presents their new DVD!Ole Flamenco!

The youngest and most energetic flamenco band, La Gitanita, is coming to La Caja de Musica again. Being reported by Spain performance art website,, and being broadcasted on Spanish online radio station, Radio Andalucía, this Saturday La Gitanita is not only going to present their performance as usual but also to announce their first DVD release!
Debuted in Taipei Art Fringe Festival in 2011, La Gitanita impressed the audience with their skills on traditional flamenco singing, guitar playing and dancing and their creativity to make this ancient and remote performance art into an interactive and modern show. Later on, they have been organizing or participating in live concerts, promoting flamenco music and dance in Taiwan. In addition to concerts in live houses, cafes, and bars, they also did a theatrical production, Olé Flamenco, collaborating with Semilla Flamenco Dance Company and touring together from Chimei Museum in Tainan to Ming Chi University of Technology in Taipei.
The DVD with the same name of the show, Olé Flamenco, represents La Gitanita’s hardwork and passion in flamenco, and they would like to share the exciting rhythm and intricate melody with everyone, so don’t miss this opportunity to see how these young Taiwanese artists interpret the deep songs from Andalucía!
The DVD, Olé Flamenco, is available to order now. Please see the details on La Gitanita’s facebook fan page ( The first 10 people purchasing the DVD can bring one friend to come see the concert free and are invited to the pre-show reception. Also, the DVD will be available to purchase onsite that day before and after the concert.
 Online promo video clip of Olé Flamenco:

The ticket fee is 250NT.

曾登上danza.es等 西班牙表演藝術相關網站,演出片段也曾在西班牙安達魯西亞線上廣播電台Radio Andalucía播出過的台灣佛朗明哥音樂舞蹈團體—小野狂花樂舞合作社又要來樂盒子餐廳表演了!這次不只會帶來充滿創意、活力的佛朗明哥音樂舞蹈,更 要來向大家分享他們首度發行影音DVD的喜悅!
小 野狂花樂舞合作社成軍於2011年,首演於該年的台北國際藝穗節,融合戲劇元素,將傳統佛朗明哥吟唱、吉他、舞蹈包裝成充滿互動、現代感的創意演出。其後 參與或主辦多場演出,在各地推廣佛朗明哥音樂與舞蹈。除了平時在live house、咖啡店等地舉辦的小型演唱會,更在2012年與賽米亞舞團合作,一同推出年度作品【Olé Flamenco樂舞佛朗明哥】,巡演於奇美博物館音樂廳、明志科技大學等地。
【Olé Flamenco樂舞佛朗明哥】演出實況DVD是小野狂花兩年來在眾多合作夥伴支持下交出的一張小小成績單,希望能邀請大家一同來現場體驗這群在台灣唱著吉普賽歌謠、敲打踩踏出清脆節奏的樂手舞者們的熱血與活力!
【Olé Flamenco樂舞佛朗明哥】演出實況DVD已經開放預購,詳請請見小野狂花粉絲頁面(,預購前十名可享免費入場並受邀參加表演前的酒會。5月4日表演當天也歡迎當場直接購買。
【Olé Flamenco樂舞佛朗明哥】精華片段搶先看: 

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