martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Farewell concert to Wayfarer State (Trey Yip) Friday 3th May at La Caja de Musica

Hello Friends;

This Friday is special for us, is the time to receive in our stage to our friend Trey Yip, but at the same time is bitter day , because is his last concert in Taiwan, he will leave the beauty island, im sure will be very emotive night for all his friends, and for the people never listen before, dont think twice and come and enjoy listening to his fantastics songs.

 Wayfarer State is the artistic name of Trey Yip. How to describe this artist...Looks like a Bohemian troubadour from New Orleans but his songs and his voice every time I listen to make me call him just Storyteller.

He still traveling around Asia after Korea, India now comes to Taiwan. Trey is only 30 years old but  already finish 8 albums and more incredible every week (on Wednesday)make a new song and post it in his personal blog

 Since 2009 Trey Yip has played shows in 11 countries and 19 cities. Though the Wayfarer State  is considered a solo act, he often accompanied by other musicians. In this occasion Luis and Ramses the owners of La Caja de Musica will play also with him, another artists will come to this intimate concert so I don't want to tell you everything I let you discover it this Saturday Night.

The ticket fee for this venue is 250NT with a Beer or Soft drink included.
Concert starts around 20h30.

 Listen to his tune Roll me a cigarette.

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