miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

November 23th Friday Night welcome to MajaM Jazz Quartet .

Dear all:

This Friday Night at La Caja de Musica we have Jazz music with a Taiwanese band called " MajaM"  the guitar player of this band Liu Yun Ping  is  well known in our stage he also use to play with our dear Flamenco band La Gitanita! But in this occasion he wants to show us his Jazz side and bring his friends with him....

This quartet  formed with Yun Ping playing guitar, Alex Yang on bass also have keyboard  with I-Wen Chou and Ming Tseng on drums.

They play classic Jazz standards but also plays Fusion, Funk and Blues, MajaM mixes different music to create a unique groove. Please  come and enjoy the rhythm & melody!

Waiting for Friday Night take a look in their blog they have many videos!!
MajaM Jazz Quartet  blog.




The ticket fee is 250NT with Beer or Soda included, the concert starts around 20h30.

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