martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Mike Mudd & Serena Engel , Inspire your Saturday Night

This Saturday 17th we have two multy instrumentist and they will drive you to a magic place full of music and poetry,
 just a little introduction for this great artist

Mike Mudd and Serena Engel are both members of a unique breed of musicians. They’ll break out multiple instruments, including a cello, a harmonica, and a cigar box guitar. They both have excellent vocals. And their music, ranging from soulful blues to hilarious ballads, can fire up the crowd one minute and quiet them down the next, with the set all wrapped up in an interesting little narrative that values participation from the audience. It’s rare to get two musical geniuses to play on a single stage in one night, but when it happens, good times are a guarantee. But their true talent might be in inspiring you to pick up your guitar, harmonica, or even a cello, when you get back to your own sweet home.

The ticket fee for this venue is 250NT with a Beer or Soft drink included.
Concert starts around 20h30.

La Caja de Musica

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