domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Flamenco Nights On Tuesdays!!

Hola Amigos!

After the weekend we start another Flamenco Night in La Caja, tomorrow Tuesday welcome again and see what will happen this time.

So If you play guitar, cajon, you sing or dance starting  around 20h30, you have a meeting in our place.

We want to invite you and your friends to come and share your passion, knowledge and skills about Flamenco. Exchange music, talk about your Spanish travel ( if you have been there), practice your Spanish or just come, drink something and listen.

Tuesday's Flamenco Night in La Caja de Musica have one clear objective,  make our bar a typical Spanish place where we can feel "el duende " Flamenco.

No ticket fee only we need the collaboration of many people who voluntary come and perform for pleasure,  almost a Flamenco jam session.

We think those nights will be useful to meet new friends and maybe also be useful to the Flamenco professionals  to  extend their network for future colaborations.

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