lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

August 31th Friday Night! 呼利亞樂團 Hu lia Aboriginal Band!

Dear friends what a weekend Friday and Saturday night we have live music in La Caja de Musica!!

This Friday Night one special band will play here like always around 20:30 and the ticket fee 250NT with a beer or Soda included.

呼利亞(Hu lia)樂團
呼利亞(Hu lia)是台灣原住民對美好事物的讚嘆語,特別在族人歡聚的場合中,喊出的次數越多,即表示賓主盡歡。
三年前成立的呼利亞(Hu lia)樂團,成員是十幾年的同事,演出樂曲大都以原住民傳統歌謠改編,及原住民音樂人創作為主,偶而演唱國內外流行曲及團員個人創作。

Hu lia is Taiwan indigenous people acclaims the language to the happy thing, in the clansman joyful reunion's situation, shouted specially the number of times are more, namely expresses guests and hosts having a good time. Three years ago establish Hu lia the orchestra, the member are several year colleague, the performance music mostly by the indigenous people tradition ballad reorganization, and the indigenous people music person creates primarily, sings the domestic and foreign popular tunes and the member individual initiative by chance.

主唱宏豪曾參與原住民歌手陳建年、 紀曉君、昊恩 家家、胡德夫,另有巴西瓦里樂團、野火樂集 美麗心民謠等專輯錄製,聲音渾厚樸實,讓聽者享受部落中音樂單純的快樂。
Initiated great bold once participated in original resident folk singer 陳建年,紀曉君, 昊恩 家家, 胡德夫, in addition had the巴西瓦里band, , 野火樂集the sound vigorous simple, let the listener enjoy in the tribe the music pure joy. Moreover the orchestra members have the guitar player - one, the bess - pill young, Saxphone, the drummer the concurrently main combination tone - Arab League will, embraces the enthusiasm to each kind of music, some hold the post of the well-known musician the guitar player, some will create and arranges the tune, and some people will play two kind of above musical instruments, everybody will be predestined friends crowds together, Will bring you all good music feast.

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