martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Saturday 17th Reggae Night!!!

 Dear friends :

Saturday night!! yes this time on Saturday night, we bring you good vibes and good music!!!  Join the Rebellion, The Roots Rebellion!

We are happy to introduce you  one original reggae band they are Roots Rebellion , they  perform all original reggae songs , many of their tunes were written during studio jam sessions .

The lead voice is Sherwyne Pereira of Trinidad, a charismatic singer who also leads the popular Taichung band Wailin’ Soul.

Splenda is also an experienced performer who has toured Asia and the Caribbean for many years, she sings in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Chinese and  English.

The band also has a local member the singer Sunny Smalls, a Tainan native who often performs at Black Reign’s dance hall parties in Taipei. 

So now you know that you have a date on Saturday night!! 
Reggae Party on March 17th around 20h30.
Ticket fee 250NT with one beer or soft drink included!!

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