domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

"Musa´s Trio" in concert Friday 23 March 2012

I dont have enough words to say good things about this band, their  performances are allways incredible, 3 Master's musicians  full of energy , ready to give to their audience in each concert, who from first minute will be trapped in their music."Musas Trio"performed in La Caja de Musica last month, but if you missed that chance i strongly recomend you come this friday, because will be .....EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

MUSA's Trio:
If someone wants to define Musa's Trio with a word, that should be Brotherhood. That's what this band is about. When you see their performance live the only feeling that comes out is Love, no matter what they play, whether it is Astor Piazzolla, Chick Corea, or Original Pieces, a soft and sad ballad or a extremely fast and pyrotechnical latin jazz piece, you can see, listen and feel the Joy they have just to be able to play together and share it in front of an audience. 

The band was officially born in 2010 as the backing group of the chinese jazz singer Ms. Bin Bin who asked Mr. Musaubach to recruit the best musicians he knows for the First International Jazz Festival of Shenzhen. As their friendship goes back a lot of time, and they were all in the same city, Martin asked Adriano Moreira and Lautaro "Luka"  Bellucca to join him in preparing for the show. Once they had started rehearsing there was no going back. They all gave up the different bands that they were working with and set up to Beijing to pursue the joy of making music together.
Currently they are the house band at the Shangri-La Summit Wing Hotel in Guo Mao, Chaoyang Area, the most important and famous hotel in Beijing. Besides their work, they manage to do also a lot of performances in as many bars and music shops as possible all over the city.

Another of their abilities is to be a flawless recording trio, and a big proof of this is the upcoming jazz album of the famous Gary Chaw, where they show their most sensitive and soft side to support this incredibly talented singer and performer in making his first english album.  

 U can see some videos at this link or  here

The concert will start at 20:30 , ticket fee is 250 NT with a beer or soft drink included.

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