miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Flamenco y Passion , Saturday 16th, June.

6/16 佛朗明哥表演在la caja de música 樂盒子,這是一個很好機會可以享受美酒同時欣賞來自西班牙的藝術家以及台灣藝術家一起演出台北最棒的佛朗明哥表演。

 16 Jun. Flamenco at caja de musica.
As every month, one Saturday more we will have a performance in our stage樂盒子.

, with the best of the Flamenco  in Taiwan,  guitar, sing and dance, and this time we have a special spanish colaboration. Enjoy the best flamenco night in Taiwan at La Caja de Music.

Concert begin at 20.30 , ticket fee 350nt with a beer or soda included.

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