jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018

BoSSa-Nova Night G.B.@12th May La Caja de Musica

Gil Barreto is living in Taiwan for more than 10 years, professional musician with international experiences, the show will have varied moments of Brazilian and Latino rhythms, Bossa Nova, music to dance and also a little Romanticism, recently played in Japan.
This show will count with the presence of Itoh Tatsuya percussionist from Japan who had studied in Brazil and play in Taiwan  and Japan with many bands.
Now they prepared a show with new songs for the Taiwan public, be very welcome to enjoy Brazilian music!!

 在臺灣生活了10具有國際經驗的專業音樂家該節目將有不同的時刻巴西和拉美的節奏舞蹈新星音樂跳舞也有點浪漫主義 該節目將跟隨日本鼓手 Itoh Tatsuya他在巴西生活和學習打擊樂並在臺灣經營與巴西音樂樂隊

Ticket Fee 350NTD with beer.

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