lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

Formosa Klezmopolitans@La CajadeMusica, March 10th

Introducing Formosa Klezmopolitans

Formosa Klezmopolitans is a new Taipei band that has been under development since May 2017. The ensemble specializes in klezmer music, which is a folk music tradition from the Jewish cultures of Eastern Europe. The band also draws on influence from many other corners of the world to create a unique global sound.

Klezmer music is made for dancing, and is usually played at weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Although it is a secular tradition, it has strong ties to temple songs and religious music.

Band members are Emmanuel Brotte on the clarinet and Chinese flute (簫),Cosmo 陳冠綸 on bass, Cristina Cox on violin and piccolo, Jack Kerns-Mares on drums and percussion, Luo Chen-Hun 羅正楎 on Chinese dulcimer (揚琴) and Rose Goossen on guitar and lead vocals.

Tickets are 350 NT at the door, and include one beer or soda.Join the event here!.
Formosa Klezmopolitans 是一個從2017年5月開始發展的台北樂團。
Formosa Klezmopolitans也從世界各地的音樂中汲取養分以創造更獨特的聲響。
Manu Brotte - clarinet & Chinese flute (簫)
Cosmo 陳冠綸 - bass
Cristina Cox - violin & piccolo
Jack Kerns Mares - drums & percussion
Luo Chen-Hun 羅正楎 - Chinese dulcimer (揚琴)
Rose Goossen - guitar & lead vocals

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