lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Kim Yang , Welcome back! 6th January@LaCajadeMusica

This Saturday we will have somebody so special , not just because she is a amazing songwriter and singer, even because she is a old friend , and i seriously say dont miss this night in or lovely corner
La Caja de Musica.

Kim Yang is an acoustic songstress and an aspiring songwriter. Inspired by female vocalists like Sarah McLachlan, Colbie Caillat, Adele and Regina Spektor, Kim has brought her melodious and ethereal warm voice from her hometown of Taipei to the cafes and streets of Canberra. Kim plays both ukulele and guitar to accompany her vocals.

Since developing a passion for music at an early age, Kim has shared her voice everywhere from intimate bookshops to national television. In 2009 Kim gained national attention in Taiwan when appearing on one episode of a talent show, she was offered a record deal afterwards. From 2007 to 2009 Kim worked with well-known YouTube musicians such as Kris Shred, Doctor Castille, Clint Hollison and Leroy Sanchez. Their collaborations gained global attention in the early YouTube music community. Kim still has a faithful following on YouTube for her cover songs.

Kim settled in Canberra and rediscovered her love of music in 2015. That same year Kim joined a local acoustic trio The Accents and started performing at cafes. In 2016 Kim bought a ukulele and started her solo musical journey on the streets and in markets. She has also collaborated with several local Canberra artists and played at the Aviary Rooftop Bar, Transit Bar, the Front Gallery, the Well at UC and Smith's Alternative. Kim is currently working on songwriting as well as compositions, she looks forward to sharing them with her audience.

Kim maintains that music is best shared and is always looking for creative partners, inspiring teachers, and opportunities to spread her voice.

Kim Yang will be performance Saturday 6th in La Caja de Musica, from 19.00, free enter, just minimun consumition.

If you cant wait to listen this wonderfull voice, you can get amazed here!


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