viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Encanto , Latin Jazz vibes! July 22th Saturday

ENCANTO is a musical group that was formed in March, 2017 by the vocalist, Michelle Huang (From Taiwan, sings Opera, Jazz and Latin) and the saxophone player, James Liu (From the States, also plays clarinet)
The other members are José Daniel Márquez from Nicaragua, plays guitar and the second vocal. Martin Maloney from the States ,plays guitar. Rahshan Thompson from the States, plays percussions. Josh Jong on Bass, and Aiden on the drums. 
Its music crosses genres such as Latin Jazz, Jazz, Latin, French chanson and other fun stuff.

ENCANTO在西班牙文有很多意思: 魅力、魔咒、令人愉快的、親愛的……
如果拆成En Canto 又有在唱歌的意思

The concert door open hour is 20.30
Ticket 300ntd with a beer or soda included, or discount of 100ntd in other drinks. Join the fb event push in here!

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