martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Because humans shall not live by bread alone...

轉眼間「樂盒子」已經五歲了!一開始我們的想法其實很單純,只是希望能在喧囂的台北城有個溫暖的小角落,和各方朋友分享我們最愛的兩件事--美食和音樂。說起來容易,但這個概念並不是一朝一夕成型的。九年前,主廚 Luis 大膽地在台北自家公寓的頂樓,開了一間沒有招牌、沒有店面的私家菜餐廳--「小路的陽台」。他相信美食自己會說話,味覺是最直接的溝通。果然,「小路的陽台」大受歡迎,也成為今日「樂盒子」的前身。




La Caja de Musica is a small project started more than five years ago. Having a cozy corner in the bustling city to share our two favorite things in the world, food and music, with our dear friends, is truly a dream come true. However, this dream was not hatched overnight. It all started nine years ago when Luis, our chef, opened “El Patio de Mi Casa,” an underground restaurant nestled on the rooftop of his house. It soon became a well-known hidden gem, and planted the seed for what is La Caja de Musica today.

At the beginning, nobody knew about this hole-in-the-wall tucked away in a small alley in Taipei. Over the years, we have become more popular, thanks to our customers who have shared with their friends and family about how tasty the food and wine are, and how lovely an experience they’ve had here at La Caja de Musica. Moreover, we’d like to thank those who have criticized us constructively and helped us improve and learn from our mistakes. After all, we all learn something new everyday.

Nowadays La Caja de Musica is at the forefront of the Spanish cuisine in Taiwan. We are honored to have received foodies and friends from around the world as our guests. They first come to know about us from the newspaper, magazines, TV shows, and the Internet, then decide to come experience the restaurant themselves. In recent years we’ve also seen restaurants that try to follow suit. Actually we are glad to see that because it tells us that we are doing something well. At the end of the day, our motto is simple -  respect the original flavors of the traditional recipes and put love into what we do.
There are still many stories we’d like to share with you, yet we prefer if you come and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience yourself. La Caja de Musica is like a baby - we don’t tend to notice how much it changes day by day, but once in awhile when we look back, we realize that it has been constantly growing and evolving, from the food, the menu, to the stage and the décor. Right now we are busy revamping the stage downstairs so that it will be in its best shape for the fantastic shows and concerts coming up. Stay tuned and we hope to see you soon!

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