lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

Shuaiguoren @La CajadeMusica 4th June

「帥國人」是由 Justin(小號、柔音號、主唱)、 Axel(吉他、主唱)和 Chase(鼓手、處唱)組成的樂團。演出的音樂類型包含中英文流行音樂、放克、爵士等不同風格的歌曲,還有他們自己的創作。
ShuaiGuoRen is a Taipei based band comprised ofcomprised of Justin Darcy on Flugelhorn, Trumpet, and vocals, Axel Kirch on Guitar and Vocals, and Chase DeCoster on percussion and vocals. 
ShuaiGuoRen plays a wide variety of styles from pop and funk, to folk, jazz and originals. They pull from a number of different languages and cultures for their songs, including Chinese, English, French, and German.

◆ Band Members ◆
Justin Darcy - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and Vocals

“Justin comes from Lansdale, PA (Philadelphia), in the USA. He lived in Philadelphia during which time he attended Temple University to study Music Education + Jazz. During that time in Philadelphia, he was inspired by the soulfulness of the music there and the great players who make up the scene there.”

Axel Kirch - Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

“Axel only visited this planet occasionally before he met Justin and decided to start this band with him and Chase. He's been learning to play the guitar since he was 11 and has since made it a habit to accompany himself on the instrument while singing songs in whichever foreign language he happens to be learning. One wouldn't think he had to go to China in order to meet the Brazilians who sparked up his love for arranging any piece of music in his own distinct Bossa style.”

Chase DeCoster - Percussion, Vocals

“Chase DeCoster grew up on the mean streets of several suburbs of Massachusetts in America. He first started his journey of music studying trumpet in elementary school and soon after fell in love with the groove of drums due to his strong love of hip-hop.”

The concert begin at 20.30 , ticket fee 300 NT with a beer or soda included.

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