lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Flamenco at La Caja de Musica Sat 23th

Hi Friends:
This coming January ,Saturday 23th have the chance to enjoy the passion of the flamenco , this special night we will be take by the hand of Sergio Muñoz( guitarrist) , Beta Chen and Marisa Chen (Bailaoras,Dancers), and Isabel Lin (Cantaora, Voice ) to have a trip around some diferent flamenco styles (palos), alegrias, bulerias , tangos...

Dont miss this event , is cold outside but ur heart will turn on the flame with this performance. 

佛拉明哥是一門藝術起源於西班牙南部受西班牙傳統民謠、阿拉伯、猶太 、以及吉卜賽 。現在主要搭配吉他、跳舞和吟唱。 我們要在佛拉明哥主要的曲式(palos)中遨遊,比如說alegrias、bulerias、tangos等等。 樂手:舞者:Beta Chen, Marisa Chen 歌手:Isabel Lin 吉他手:Sergio Muñoz

 The performance will start at 20:30, ticket fee is 300 Nt, with a beer or soda included if do you want join the event on facebook push here

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