lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Beni Mshnze, Island jazz from Okinawa, Saturday 14th Feb,

This Saturday we have a wonderfull visit from Okinawa, Beni Mshnze , amazing musicians performing a fusion of jazz and island sounds.Just after the dinner time, in our stage you can fill your heart of wonderfull vibes.

Beni Mshnze
Creating music for music lovers, keeping music real and sharp!! special compositions by Bushman Masui.
Straight from backyard of okinawa island, this is the true island jazz sound.if you are music lover, Just come and see it for your self and witness the modern roots sound of Beni Mshnze.
> Bushman Masui-Alto sax
> Kazu-Trumpet
> Yoshiro-Guitar
> Naoto Grandcabin-Bass
> Ryota Yamaguchi-Drums

The concert doors open at 20.30, ticket fee 300Nt with beer or soda included.Join the event here

Camaron De La Vega And Friends, Febrary 13th Friday.

Hello dear friends.
One more time we have the privilege of receive in our Stage this amazing flamenco guitar player , Mr. Camaron De La Vega, no miss this chance to enjoy his amazing talent, Friday 13 Febrary at 20.30 in the stage of La Caja de Musica.
Come join in the celebration of New Year with some Hot Flamenco
Guitar! Cam will be joined by his good friend, amazing Jazz Piano virtuoso
Andrew Page for another once a year performance in Taiwan.
Hot Flamenco Guitar and Piano interpretations of songs from around the
world, and original music for Flamenco Guitar, along with guest appearances
from friends with amazing talent.
A show not to be missed!
Concert open doors at 20.30 , ticket fee 300 Nt , with a beer or soda included.ven, 
Can join the fb event here!

AMAMJAUBB (Japan), January, Saturday 24th

What 如何
AMAMJAUBB (From Japan) 迷幻即興樂團
Opening by: Luna and the Bamboo Groove
How much 票價
元300 (附酒) 1 soda or beer Included !
AMAMJAUBB are a band formed in 2004 in Amami Island, southeast side of Japan. The band consists of Nobu (vocal), Masato (guitar), & many support members. The band incorporates elements from a variety of musical genres into a consistent base of psychedelic and ethnic. In 2014, After activities in Australia over a span of 6 months, They have succeeded Japan tour.
來自日本最南端奄美大島的迷幻樂團AMAMJAUBB由Nobu (主唱)與Masato (吉他/鼓)所組成,他們的音樂以迷幻樂與民族元素為底,另加上搖滾、電子、爵士與dub等多樣曲風,配上Nobu那類似中納良惠(Ego Wrappin')的甜美歌聲可說充滿特色。他們喜歡跟不同樂手合作進行現場演出,所以每一場都可能有不同的形式,而且有許多即興橋段,充滿多樣性,音樂的靈感,當然就來自故鄉那漂亮的天然景色。2006年他們參加了奄美大島最大音樂祭Total Solar Eclipse Music Festival的前夜祭演出後打開了知名度,2008年展開首次巡迴,前往東京與京都等大城市,獲得不錯的回響,而首張專輯【Start To Rec】也在同年發行。2009年他們終於受邀在Total Solar Eclipse Music Festival主舞台演出,面對台下來自世界各國超過位5,000觀眾的熱烈反應,心中有多爽可想而知,他們也就順理成章變成奄美大島的代表樂團。2011年他們與UA與七尾旅人等大牌藝人一同表演,隔年推出第二張專輯【Into The Wild】,2013年在日本超過30場的巡迴對他們來說真是超忙碌,更在年底前往澳洲,展開跨越2013-2014的海外巡演。回到日本之後,又是馬不停蹄的表演,就在11月結束東京與大阪的冬日巡迴之後,他們決定將第二次的海外演出獻給台灣。首次來到台灣,他們將以多了bass手與另一把吉他/笛子的四人編制,為觀眾呈現奄美大島的美麗風光。
Luna and the Bamboo Groove
Fao (Daf, Hang), 林亞蒨 (Percussion), Ying-Hao Lee (Violin), Hidehiro Inai (Bass)