miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

The String Beans ft. Bernie Small-Beard at La Caja ~ Opening performance by the Great DC Rapier. Friday 29th.

The String Bean Party is not just Jared Rust picking guitar and Serena Engel playing cello while their two voices ring true in one accord. It isn't just folk or bluegrass or jazz or blues. The String Bean Party is also a tree reaching toward the sun, the change of seasons slowly cracking a frozen lake, and the wind gently creasing the surface of a cup of tea. It's the music playing at an infinite dinner party where, surprisingly, you actually like everybody. Vote today for The String Bean Party by stomping your feet, clapping your hands and saying hello ~
It is the Party's great honor and pleasure to be accompanied by our comrade of ages, Bernie Little-Beard on his little horn.

- - -

四季豆黨不單是Jared Rust (王傑瑞)撥弄著吉他,Serena Engel(王海馬)彈奏著大提琴,兩人歌聲融洽的唱出奇妙的弦律。他們的音樂不僅是民謠或藍草,爵士或藍調。



還有,我們非常高興地邀請到小喇叭演奏手 Bernie 在這晚和我們一同演出!

Here to kick off the night is long-time party friend DC Rapier !
DC has been performing for more than 50 years, singing and playing guitar, flute, sax and harmonica - but not all at the same time.
DC’s engaging solo repertoire ranges from Tin Pan Alley to Broadway; from Beale Street to Basin Street and beyond.
DC's personal, Bluesy interpretations of the classic songs and jazz standards from the great American songwriters of the 20th century will move you.

Concert begin at 20.30h ticket fee 300Nt with beer or soda included or daily promotion.

Join the event here.

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